Is Precious Cooper from Street Outlaws Married? Who is her Husband? Bio, Age, Net Worth

There are only a handful of selected women who have proved themselves as equal to or more than men. These women have established their own names in their respective fields, so let’s talk about one in this article.

Precious Cooper, aka the Queen of the Streets, is the most successful woman and the most dreadful female street racers on the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws: Memphis. She has given a rough time to both men and women when it comes to racing.

So, here is everything about whether Precious Cooper is married to her husband or single. Also, find out about Precious Cooper’s net worth, cars, in her bio.

Caption: Street Outlaws Precious Cooper aka the Queen of the Streets

Who is Precious Cooper from Street Outlaws?

Precious Cooper, aka the Queen of the Streets, was passionate about cars and racing from an early age. She made a trip to Memphis while she tagged along with her mentor, JJ Da Boss.

Precious decided to make a career out of racing, and that’s what gave her a sense of thrill. JJ trained Precious to becomes a successful racer. He agreed to mentor her once he recognized her talent.

The two rolled together over a year, and it took her no time to polish her talents. She had her very first Bracket race, where the viewers were more than impressed with her determination and skill. She was behind the wheels of an old car named the Puddle Jumper.

In 2013, she became a professional racer as she made her debut race on Street Outlaws. It was back on the ninth season of the show where she defeated Chuck Seitsinger in her debut race. After this, she was known as the Queen of the Streets.

She continued making her appearance on Season 10 while she dominated almost each of her races. Cooper managed to defeat some big names like Big Chief and Doc. Now, she is the most fierce female racer in Street Outlaws.

Caption: Precious Cooper vs Small Block Peter in a racing

How old is Precious Cooper? Her Age and Birthday

Precious Cooper was born in 1989 while her actual date of birth is still under wraps. She is 30 years old as of 2020. She grew up in Osceola, Florida. Currently, she resides in Batesville, Arkansas.

Image of Precious Cooper

Caption: Precious Cooper at the scene in Street Outlaws at her early 30s

Wikipedia, Bio, and Family

The female racing prodigy was born to Sara Cooper (mother) and Ricky Cooper (father). Also, she has a younger sister named Chelsea Cooper as her only sibling. Precious belongs to Caucasian ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

She belonged to a low-income family, so her parents could not offer her much. They had a roofing business, and that’s all there is to talk about her family. Precious graduated from Rivercrest High School, located in Wilson, Arkansas. There is no information about her college life or further studies.

She was always fond of cars and racing from a very young age. She began to consider this as an option to improve her financial state. Also, it was tough believing that racing is only for males, which is why she became a street racer.

Image of Precious Cooper with JJ Da Bos and his wife, Tricia Day

Caption: Precious Cooper with JJ Da Bos and his wife, Tricia Day

Is Precious Cooper Married? Who is her Husband?

Precious Cooper is single, while the Queen of the Streets is yet to have a king. Precious is very protective of her personal life, so there are no details about her relationship affairs or boyfriends. However, it’s evident that Cooper is not married to this day.

She tends to keep her dating life off the grid, and so we don’t know who is seeing at the moment. JJ revealed that she is a reserved and shy person, so it’s quite tricky to assume if she has a husband or not.

Are Precious Cooper and JJ Da boss related? Is Precious JJ’s girlfriend?

JJ Da Boss and Precious Cooper are positively related, but not in a romantic sense. JJ has always been a mentor who taught her the love of racing. Everything that she learned about cars and the streets is all thanks to JJ.

There were rumors that they were involved in a romantic relationship. However, it turned out to be wrong as JJ is happily married to his wife, Tricia Day. Also, he is the father of 11 children, so there’s no way that the two had a thing.

People were curious to find out if Precious was JJ’s girlfriend, but now everything is clear. They share a relationship as a teacher and a student, and more than that, they are good friends. Not only Cooper, but JJ has mentored many other aspiring racers in Street Outlaws.

Image of Precious Cooper and JJ Da Boss

Caption: Precious Cooper and JJ Da Boss

Precious Cooper Net Worth and Salary

Precious Cooper grew up in a low-income family, but she has changed it all. The female racer has gathered a massive fortune over the years. Her primary source of income includes her appearance in Street Outlaws. Also, she earns a hefty sum of money from her every street races and more to her victory.

Precious Cooper’s net worth is a considerable amount of $600,000 as of 2020. She is a famous icon in the world of street racing, so she is going to add more to her riches in the future. Talking about rides, she owns a lowrider and a Puddle Jumper.

Who is Precious Cooper’s Sister, Chelsea Cooper?

Precious Cooper and her sister Chelsea Cooper look very similar to each other. Some might even wonder if they are identical twins. The two sisters grew up in Osceola, Florida, and they’ve been living together.

Chelsea is her only sibling, and you might have noticed her in Street Outlaws as well. Chelsea is always seen around Cooper’s races. It is still not sure if she is also a racer like her sister or not. However, Chelsea helps Precious with her races and cars. Other details about Day is still under wraps.

Image of Precious Cooper and her sister, Chelsea Day

Caption: Precious Cooper and her sister, Chelsea Cooper

Precious Cooper Social Media Activities

Precious Cooper is active on social media, including Facebook and Instagram. If you are into street racing and cars, then you must follow her on her social accounts. She often posts details and clips about her street races, so it’s a better place to follow up on her besides Street Outlaws.

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