Meet JJ Da Boss’ Large Family with his Wife & Kids; His Net Worth & Prison Time

A couple that races together, gambles together” this is our take on the relationship of the infamous racer, gambler, and reality star JJ Da Boss with his wife, Tricia Day. Their loving relationship is also more than clear when you see the number of children they jointly have. Since we are already on our way to explore JJ Da Boss’ net worth and bio, why not take our time to also have a look into JJ Da Boss’ married life and children.

Also, Was JJ Da Boss is Prison? Find out why, along with other details in his bio, complete with his net worth as a famous racer and reality TV star.

Who is JJ Da Boss from the show “Street Outlaws”?

JJ Da Boss, or as his real name goes, Jonathan Day is one of the meanest street racers from Memphis and even a meaner ring leader for races. People first met JJ Da Boss in 2016 during his appearance in the season 8 of Street Outlaws. He did not shy away right from his debut, coming out as intimidating as he is and challenging the Street Outlaws racers to take on him and his fellow Memphis racers.

Image of JJ Da Boss's net worth and married life

Caption: JJ Da Boss’ net worth and married life

The episode was such a hit among the Street Outlaws fan that it will later lead to the birth of the franchise’s second spin-off series ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis’ in 2018 with JJ Da Boss in the lead. Da Boss will eventually grace us with his racing every once in a while but is mostly the one setting and managing bets and races. Instead, he has a deadly group of racers in his team who do the racing and winning for him in the series.

JJ Da Boss Real Name, Wiki & Bio

JJ Da Boss, real name Jonathan Day was born on August 10, 1973, in Memphis, Tennessee. Despite being raised in Joiner, Arkansas where he went to Rivercrest High School. JJ Da Boss would eventually return to Memphis to become the king of the streets that we know him as today.

JJ grew up watching his father and uncles race around in cars, and his mother would take him to see them race and other racing events. By profession, his family was roofers, but Boss opted to fix and repair cars instead of roofs. Whatever extra money he would save back then, he would use it to fix up more cars.

One of his oldest cars he gave new life to was the 1966 Chevrolet Nova, where he replaced its old scrappy engine with a block engine from a 402 Bob Truck. You still see him and his wife driving around that thing with his wife in the show.

Meet JJ Da Boss’ Wife, Tricia Day; His Relationship with Precious Cooper?

JJ Da Boss has been married for a long time to his lovely wife, Tricia Day. Well, lovely isn’t really the word we should be describing Tricia Day as she is his partner in crime. She helps her husband run the races and bets, and despite her deceptive smaller size, she is a fierce trash talker and racer who goes by the street name ‘Midget.’

Image of JJ Da Boss with wife Tricia Day

Caption: JJ Da Boss with wife Tricia Day

Many people were curious about Jonathan Day’s relationship with another female racer, Precious Cooper. While many would think that they had a scandalous dating affair or Cooper was his new wife. However, nothing of those audacious sorts is true.

Image of JJ Da Boss's relationship with Precious Cooper

Caption: JJ Da Boss’ relationship with Precious Cooper

Precious Cooper is one of his racers that are like a part of his family as he treats them like one too. Their relationship is more like that of a brother and sister and even father and daughter. He even showed that even his wife had a good relationship by posting the picture below with both his wife and Precious Cooper.

Image of Tricia Day with Precious Cooper

Caption: Tricia Day with Precious Cooper

JJ Da Boss and Tricia Day’s Children; How Many Kids Do They Have?

JJ Da Boss and Tricia Day together are parents to not just 3 or 4, but 11 children. We don’t know if all of the 11 children biologically belong to both JJ and his wife Tricia as we don’t even know the names and identities of the most. So far, we have only met 4 of what we suspect is the youngest to the 11 children.

Image of JJ Da Boss with wife and children

Caption: JJ Da Boss with wife and children

All four kids we recognize are daughters that are Whitney, Aubrey, Vada, and Annaline. Jonathan, despite his hectic schedule from his career, somehow finds time to spend with his family, especially his kids. Here he is with all his daughters celebrating his 46th Birthday this summer.

Image of JJ Da Boss with his four daughters

Caption: JJ Da Boss with his four daughters

He also has a much younger son, probably the youngest whose name we do not know born in 2017. All we know is that Day just calls him, little JJ Da Boss and hopes that perhaps one day he can also take over his father’s Ole Heavy and win races with it.

Image of JJ Da Boss with his son

Caption: JJ Da Boss with his son

Why was JJ Da Boss in Prison; Other Controversies

Everything about JJ Da Boss’ looks and personality shouts, “Outlaw,” and as we would later learn, it was shouting the truth. JJ did find himself on the wrong side of the law recently. We do not have details on what happened and when but it is for certain that Jonathan Day was an inmate. Collectively, he served around eight years and one month in federal prison.

Street racing isn’t legal unless you own the track or road you are racing on. Perhaps it had something to do with his earlier days when he would race in random streets. Anyway, it is a thing of the past. However, he almost went to jail a second time when a controversy broke out recently in 2018.

A couple, Chad and Genny Larkin, were suing the show for around $5 million in compensation for a physical attack from JJ Da Boss and other of the show’s cast members. After going to one of their races upon their invitation to racers, Chad Larkin went there and ended up in severe trash talk with the group. Trash talking is perfectly normal in street racing.

However, JJ’s crew did not take this in good fun and attacked the man. First, they put him in the ground, and then they kicked him multiple times in the head and the body. The man sustained multiple injuries, including a torn meniscus, hamstring, and thigh muscle, among other minor injuries like swelling and black-eye. His wife was also injured in the altercation, but luckily, JJ would not be facing any jail time even if they lost the case.

JJ Da Boss’ Net Worth: How much does JJ Da Boss make per episode?

Last but certainly not least, we come to see JJ Da Boss’ net worth. You already have an idea about JJ Da Boss’ career. He has multiple earning sources as there is his salary as a reality TV star, but he also gambles and bets on the races where he makes a lot of money. People may remember the night he and his wife won $5,000 in one episode.

Caption: JJ Da Boss’ earns over $5,000 in a night

With a massive salary like that, it would not be wrong to place JJ Da Boss’ net worth to be approximately $1.2 million. It is an old estimation, however, and people assume that his net worth may be much more as of 2020, but it is still under review, so we can’t say anything for sure. Stick with us in the future for more information and updates about JJ Da Boss.

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