How old is Tricia Day from Street Outlaws? Wikipedia, Bio, Children of JJ Da Boss’ Wife

There are several examples of brave women out in the world while we have known some from the American Television series named Street Outlaws. For those of you who have seen the show, it’s a dangerous sport as they risk their lives out on the streets.

Tricia Day is among the brave souls who is a fast car street racer on Discovery Channel’s reality TV show. Some might even argue that she has no trouble keeping up with most of the men on Steet Outlaws: Memphis.

So, here are some fascinating facts about Tricia Day – wife of JJ Da Boss, her children, and married life. Also, find out about Tricia’s net worth, biography-wiki, and her age. Let’s begin with a brief introduction.

Who is Tricia Day from Street Outlaws?

Tricia Day needs no introduction to those of you who have seen her before. She is a fearless warrior when it comes to street racing. Risking one’s life for the love of sports is beyond what normal people can do.

There are some kickass female drivers, which are also one of the reasons why we love to see Street Outlaws: Memphis. Among those racers, Tricia has made a name for herself as Midget. Also, she is the wife of JJ Da Boss, a famous street racer for the show.

Despite having the nickname “Midget,” she is as fast as light. She got famous for her petite stature, but one should not be fooled by her size, while the only thing that counts is her superb racing.

Jonathan Day, aka JJ Da Boss, is undoubtedly the king of Memphis street racing, and Tricia is lucky to be his wife. Talking about the female prodigy, she races alongside her friend, Precious Cooper, on the streets of Memphis tracks. The two female racers are also longtime friends from their childhood, so they have a strong friendship on this show.

How old is Tricia Day? Her Age, Birthday

Patricia Day, aka Tricia, is an American street racer who is running on her 40’s as of 2020. Her actual date of birth and age are still under wraps. Not only that, she likes to keep her personal life out of the limelight, so there’s only a little information.

However, her husband, JJ, is 46 years old as of 2020. He was born in August 10, 1977. He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, while having an interest in racing from a young age of 10.

Image of Patricia Day aka Tricia

Caption: Patricia Day aka Tricia is at her 40s

Tricia Day Wikipedia Bio

Tricia Day grew up in Memphis, and she was fond of street racing from her early days as well. Though she was not given a chance as early as her husband, she came to the spotlight pretty soon.

Talking about her childhood, Patricia is friends with a fellow racer, Precious Cooper. The two ladies are childhood friends. Besides, Precious is now a godmother to Tricia’s children.

Image of Precious Cooper and Tricia Day

Caption: Street Outlaws Precious Cooper and Tricia Day

They are not family by blood, but they indeed belong to one by choice. The entire town of Memphis is known for street racing. And that’s what brings these two ladies together in the reality show.

Image of Tricia from Street Outlaws

Caption: Tricia from Street Outlaws

Tricia Day is married to JJ Da Boss – How did they meet?

Tricia Day and JJ Da Boss tied the knots over a decade ago. The actual detail about their wedding is still under wraps. The Memphis street racer tied the knots with his long time girlfriend. The two grew up in the same town, and they had known each other for almost ten years before getting married.

Before their wedding, JJ already had several children, so Tricia got to be a mother beforehand. Unlike any of their professional life, the couple tends to keep their personal life away, so we don’t have much information on their marriage.

JJ also revealed that he introduced Tricia to street racing, and the rest is history. The two have been racing for a long time, and they are more than just a team on Street Outlaws.

Image of Tricia and her husband, JJ Da Boss

Caption: Tricia and her husband, JJ Da Boss

Tricia Day Children; Meet her Son and Daughter

They started dating once JJ was in his 30’s and had seven children before he tied the knots with Tricia Day. So, she got to be the mother of seven before having her own with the man. The couple is also known for their big family. You know why because they have four children of their own, which include three daughters and a son.

Image of The family of Memphis street racers

Caption: The family of Memphis street racers

However, the names of his children are still unknown. That makes a total of 11 children, and that’s pretty huge, right! The female racer looks too young to be having so many children, which is why it’s quite shocking for the people around.

More than that, they also have five young grandchildren. JJ’s children have grown to be adults while also having their own babies in recent times.

Image of Tricia with her husband and four children

Caption: Tricia with her husband and four children

A short Bio on Husband of Tricia Day – JJ Da Boss

JJ Da Boss is a legend when it comes to street racing. He is undoubtedly one of the fastest men behind the wheels. Some of the fans even call him the biggest gambler in this sports. He earned his reputation from Street Outlaws. So, here are some interesting facts about the man.

You might be familiar with the fact that JJ’s real name is Jonathan Day. Born on August 11, 1973, he is 46 years old as of 2020. JJ grew up in the same city as his wife, Tricia.

It’s a fact that JJ has a love for muscle cars, and we often see that in the racing tracks. His journey to Street Outlaws has been an incredible one. He started working on cars from an early age of 10, so that’s why he knows more about them than anything else.

Unfortunately, JJ made some bad choices in his past. He served eight years in prison. The reason for his imprisonment is still under wraps. Despite having to serve jail, he decided not to let this change his life.

He started his own business and started living a better life. JJ has his own merchandise named Memphis Street Racer, and now he is the father of 11 children.

Image of Jonathan aka JJ Da Boss

Caption: Jonathan aka JJ Da Boss from Street Outlaws

Tricia Day Net Worth: How much is Tricia Day Worth?

Tricia Day and JJ Da Boss were in for the love of sports rather than the fame and fortune. The female racer gathered massive wealth over the years, but it is not as high as you assume it to be.

She was not in for the money while we see her racing for fun. Similarly, JJ has the same philosophy as racing is a significant part of their life. However, they have a pretty reasonable income from Street Outlaws. Also, their primary source of income includes merchandising expensive cars, trading, and purchasing as well.

Image of Car racer, Tricia Day net worth

Caption: Car racer, Tricia Day net worth from Street Outlaws

So, it’s evident that they have a net worth of millions as of now. Tricia’s net worth is around thousands of dollars while her husband, JJ’s net worth, is an outstanding amount of $2 million as of 2020. JJ owns expensive cars, including his 66 Chevy II Nova and many more.

Talking about social media, Tricia is not active in any of it, while JJ is quite popular on his Instagram account.

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