Truth about Justin Shearer aka Big Chief Girlfriend, Jackie Braasch

The world of street racing is a dangerous sport, especially for ladies. But, we have several examples of brave women who have often proved us wrong. Talking about car racing, you might be familiar with Street Outlaws, and if you are, the name Big Chief might ring a bell to you, right.

Cars and racing have always been in his blood, and the same is the case with his new girlfriend, Jackie Braasch. She proved herself to be the most renowned female in the history of motorsports. From her relationship with Justin Shearer to her role in Car Chix, she is among the fearsome women out in the streets.

In this article, let’s have an insight into Jackie’s personal life. Find out some fascinating facts about her boyfriend, relationship, net worth, biography, and many more. So, let’s start with a brief introduction.

Jackie Braasch Biography

Jackie Braasch’s birthdate fell on July 4, 1990, and grew up aspiring to be a female racer in the streets of Joliet, Illinois. She is 28 years old as of 2020which means her zodiac sign is Cancer.

As we mentioned before, Jackie belongs to a family of profound racers. Her father was quite the figure when it comes to professional motorsports. This is the primary reason why she was involved in these sports from an early age. Growing up in the environment, her father would take her to racing tracks and then back to the garage to gain experience.

Her dad owned the 85 Chevy Camaro, and Jackie would often get to play with the tools. Similarly, her sister Erin Braasch also grew up in the same environment. The two sisters participated in the junior racing events together. Well, Jackie was only eight years old while stepping on for the event. Later, she became a big-time dragster following her passion for drag racing throughout the years.

Image of Jackie Braasch

Caption: Jackie Braasch

Jackie Braasch’s Career in Racing

Jackie Braasch is the daughter of a garage mechanic and drag racer, so it’s evident that she would be something similar too. Before talking about her career, let’s look back at history. She made her big racing debut while racing in the Junior Dragster Division for children.

After this, she became quite famous for her excellent skills behind the wheels. Shortly, Braasch became a regular in several racing events and competitions like the Rocket Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series and the SuperPro.

In 2014, she was among the top contenders in the Car Chix Ladies Only Drag Race. Out of 398 competitors, she made to high 12, fascinating right. A year later,¬†she became an active member of an organization named Car Chix, which promotes women’s motorsports. Well, it was all thanks to her victories in several championships in her career.

Now, let’s talk indoors; you might be fascinated to know that she is also an excellent mechanic. So, she is a fierce racer who knows much about what’s inside the hoods of her car. People often say that she has some mad skills behind the wheels.

Inspite of her inspiring career, her fame soared higher when she got in a relationship with a television star and a fellow racer, Justin Shearer. But, more on that later.

Fun Fact: Did you know, Braasch is also a preschool teacher in Illinois?

Jackie Braasch is Dating Justin Shearer

Its been a long time since the two drag racers have started dating each other. Well, it was back in 2017 when the rumors about their relationship surfaced in social media. Jackie and Justin were spotted on several occasions, but nothing could be said of their relationship yet.

That’s because Shearer was married at the time. Yes, you heard it right. He was tied to his longtime wife, Alicia Shearer. So, the couple had to deal with a lot of criticism regarding their relationship.

It’s quite hard to keep your personal life under wraps while Justin was no exception. He had to face many comments regarding his unfaithful behavior towards his then-wife and the ongoing affair with Braasch. So, he eventually had to admit that he was having trouble with Alicia while confronting his feelings for his girlfriend, Jackie.

Image of Jackie Broosh's boyfriend, Justin Shearer

Caption: Jackie Broosh’s boyfriend, Justin Shearer

Meet Jackie Broosch’s Boyfriend, Justin Shearer

Justin Shearer and Jackie Broosch are pretty similar when it comes to cars and love of the sports. They are a couple made in heaven, or so we believe. Also, they share the same passion for the racing industry.

You don’t have to be a fan of Street Outlaws, to know one of the top dogs, Justin, aka Big Chief. Well, he is one of the biggest names in the history of drag racing. Big Chief grew up living around car lunatics, and so, he knows more about cars than anything else. He had his first shot in a street race while he was only nine.

In recent times, he is among the main cast of Discover Channel’s reality show named, Street Outlaws. It was back in June of 2013 when he joined the cast during the premiere of the show. Shearer worked at a gas station and bought his first car, a 1972 Pontiac LeMans. Later, he joined the cast of a television reality show named Midwest Street Cars. Additionally, he is the co-owner of Midwest Street Cars Automotive.

Image of Street Outlaw's Big Chief

Caption: Street Outlaw’s Big Chief

Jackie Braasch’s Net worth: Her Salary

The female drag racer has gathered a considerable about of fortune over the years. Braasch’s primary source of income includes her career as a professional racer while she also works as a mechanic fixing cars.

After a decade of risking her life on the streets, Jackie has finally achieved her life-long dream. Now, her net worth is a massive amount of $500,000 as of 2020. She earns around $40,000 in an annual basis. However, Braasch also gets a taste of bonuses and prize money from her racing victories.

On the other hand, her boyfriend is quite famous and wealthy. Justin Shearer has gathered an exceptional amount of fortune over the long course of his career. His net worth is a massive amount of $2 million as of 2020.

Image of Justin Shearer's now-girlfriend, Jackie Braasch

Caption: Justin Shearer’s now-girlfriend, Jackie Braasch

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