Who is Kye Kelley’s Ex-Wife, Alisa Mote? Her Net Worth & Bio

Well, if you are familiar with the racer Kye Kelly, then you must know Alisa Mote. In addition to being a legendary racer, Kye Kelly also makes his appearance in the famous TV show named Street Outlaws. This famous TV show is aired on the Discovery channel. Let’s discuss more of Kye Kelly’s wife.

Scroll below to know more about Alisa Mote and her life. You would also want to know more about her career and her net worth. Also, dig some information about her marriage and her divorce. Well, learn the details about the life of Alisa Mote.

Who is Kye Kelly’s Ex-wife, Alisa Mote?

Alisa Mote’s date of birth is not known, so the same goes for info on her age and zodiac sign. However, we know that she was born in Gills burg of Mississippi. The name of her mother is Brenda Martin, but we don’t know the name of her father. She is an American and holds the ethnicity of White-American. However, we know that Alisa has two siblings.

Image of Kye Kelly's former wife, Alisa Mote

Caption: Kye Kelly’s former wife, Alisa Mote

Further, the name of Alisa Mote’s siblings is Crystal Simmons and Daniel Mote. Well, Alisa appears to be the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy fame. She has provided minimal information about her childhood and her private life. Although she is highly active in social media, she has never mentioned or posted anything about her family.


Well, Alisa Mote appears to be a very educated person. There are no records of her dropping out of her school till the date. However, we do not have further details of her education. Well, we know one thing that she graduated from a well-known university located in Minneapolis named Walden University. Thus, Alisa is a nurse practitioner.

Currently, Alisa Mote works at the North Oaks Health System as a nurse. This health system is located in Hammond, Louisiana. Well, Alisa seems to have been working in this health system for quite a while now. Also, she seems to be very comfortable and very good at her job.

How Rich is Alisa Mote? Know Her Net Worth

Well, Alisa Mote is a nurse practitioner, and she earns a considerable amount of money by her work. However, she has not disclosed her exact earning or her net worth to the public and the media. However, we know that her former husband, Kye Kelly, is an extremely wealthy man. His net worth is set at an approximate of $500,000. Thus, Kye Kelly has been providing the best life to his family and his daughters with the amount.

Alisa Mote’s Marriage with Kye Kelly

Talking about Alisa Mote’s relationship status, she was married. She is occupied with one of the famous TV characters. Alisa Mote and Kye Kelley were together since the year 2014. After Kye proposed to Alisa in the year 2014, they got married in the year 2015. However, they got separated in the year 2017. The two have been living calmly and happily with no indications of conflicts.

Image of Alisa mote with her former husband Kye Kelly

Caption: Alisa Mote with her former husband, Kye Kelly

Well, Alisa and Kye always tried to keep their relationship and their personal life away from the spotlight. However, it seems as the couple didn’t succeed in this. In the year 2017, Kye and Alisa’s broken marriage was publicized. The exact reason for their divorce has not been disclosed yet. At the time of their divorce, Alisa and Kye shared one kid. However, they bought their younger child named Kenadeigh Alexa Kelly before seven months of their divorce and their tragic separation.

Alisa Mote and Kye Kelley After their Separation

Well, after Kye Kelley and Alisa Mote’s separation, they seem to have moved on in their lives. Alisa became very less active in social media after her divorce. She always tries to stay away from the media and tries to avoid all possible questions coming from them. Since her divorce, Alisa Mote has not been spotted or involved with any other man.

Image of Alisa Mote and Kye Kelly with their daughter

Caption: Alisa Mote and Kye Kelly with their daughter

However, Alisa’s former husband, Kye Kelly, seems to be dating a woman named Lizzy Musi after their divorce. Kye Kelly and Lizzy’s relationship is going quite well. Sources claim that the couple is together because of their common interest in racing. Lizzy Musi seems to be passionate about her work. Well, she comes from the family of Pat Musi.

Likewise, Kye Kelly is also very determined when it comes to his work. Pat Musi seems to be a recognized drag racer and an engine builder in the 90s. Lizzy also seems to have followed his footsteps and is striving to become a popular drag racer.

Alisa Mote Wiki Table

Name Alisa Mote
Birth Date Unknown
Age Unknown
Birth Place Gills burg, Mississippi
Profession Nurse practitioner
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Net Worth Unknown
Ethnicity White-American
Nationality American
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Former husband, Kye Kelly
Social Media Instagram

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