Street Outlaws Mallory Gulley Wikipedia, Bio, Age, JJ Da Boss, Father

Mallory Gulley is among the female prodigies from Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaw: Memphis. Several female street racers are more than just a pretty face, and Mallory is among the aspiring racers.

It’s a dangerous sport, but despite the risks, the petite blonde is really a talented street racer in Memphis. The petite blonde is a popular television personality and a huge car lover.

In this article, let’s have a look if Street Outlaws’ Mallory Gulley is dating to boyfriend or single. Also, find out her net worth and age in her bio.

How old is Mallory Gulley? Her Age, Wiki-Biography

Mallory Gulley grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Being born on December 31, 1996, she is 23 years old as of 2020, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. The pretty blonde was born to Cari Gulley (mother) and Kenneth Gulley (father).

She holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnic culture. Talking about her siblings, she has a sister Natalie Gulley. As for her education, Mallory received her degree from Arkansas State University.

Most of you might be wondering how a girl like her got into cars. It’s a fact that she has the love for racing all thanks to her father and their family business. Her father is also a street racer of his age. He is the owner of Gulley Nail Bonds and also operates KEG Towing as well.

Image of Street Outlaws' Mallory Gulley

Caption: Street Outlaws Mallory Gulley

“The women of Memphis” Mallory Gulley from Street Outlaws: Memphis

Mallory Gulley, aka Money Girl, started her career from a young age of 22. It’s all thanks to Kenneth, who himself was a profounding racer at his time. There are several badass women in Memphis, and she has made a name for herself among the best.

She is the top contender in the list of best street racers in Street Outlaws. She received her nickname “money girl,” and she rolls in her purple ’64 Chevrolet (Ugly Duckling) in this show. Besides that, she is linked with one of the most prolific names in this sports, JJ Da Boss.

It seems like the two have been racing the streets together while JJ is a motivation for Mallory. Talking about her career, she made her first debut in a race against Ole’ Heavy. However, she lost her first-ever street race on the show.

She did pretty well for her debut, and she was able to win the fan’s heart in no time. Now, she is more than hungry to get behind the wheel and prove herself as the best female driver in the tracks.

Well, it’s a competitive sport because there are more fast and furious women, including Tricia Day and Precious Cooper. Still, she can be in the top, so let’s see where she goes.

Among her several victories, Gulley won the race against CARP in the MSO finals back in October of 2018. She received huge prize money for her victory, which summed up to $10, 0000.

Besides racing, she is also a car lover, and so she works as an employee in her family business. Mallory works in KEG Towing and Gulley Bail Bonds from a very young age. They are responsible for buying and selling products, accessories, and parts of racing sports cars.

Are Mallory Gulley and JJ Da Boss related?

JJ Da Boss is an inspiration to Mallory and her racing career. The two have known each other for a long time, and they are just good friends. JJ taught her the love of racing and supported her during her first street races.

JJ himself is a big name in this industry, and he is like a motivational figure to many in Memphis. Mallory learned a lot about street racing from the living legend while her father also supported her cause.

People even call her JJ’s money girl, but several people suspect if the two have anything more. Rumors were surrounding their relationship, but it’s all been sorted out now. JJ is one of her mentors and a really good friend. Yes, they are indeed related but not in a way that most people think.

Mallory Gulley Net Worth & Salary: How much is Money Girl worth?

The petite girl has gathered a massive fortune over the years. Her primary source of income includes her profession as a street racer in Street Outlaws and also from her family business.

Her nickname, “Money Girl,” is not only for show off, and it’s entirely predictable why people call her that. She has a heft salary and earns pretty well for her age. Mallory Gulley makes around $45,000 from the Street Outlaws in an annual basis. Besides that, she receives a tremendous amount of money when she wins any street races in Memphis.

Also, she is a bail agent in Gulley Bail Bonds, so she earns around $36,000 from there. So, her net worth in an outstanding figure of $200,000 as of 2020. Talking about her luxurious cars, Gulley owns a ’64 Chevrolet, also knows as the Ugly Duckling. In addition, she bought a new Chevrolet Corvette ZO6, which amounts to $79,000.

Meet Mallory Gulley’s Ex-boyfriend: but who is she dating now?

For those of you who find her attractive, Mallory is single, and she is more than ready to mingle. Well, she did have a boyfriend named Cullan Weaver, but that’s all in the past. They only dated for a couple of months before heading to their separate ways.

Image of Mallory Gulley ex-boyfriend Cullan Weaver

Caption: Mallory Gulley ex-boyfriend, Cullan Weaver

Mallory posted a picture of him on Instagram and pointed Weaver as the cutest guy in her life.

In recent times, the beautiful blonde is not dating anyone. She is single, and she wants to focus more on her racing career rather than hanging around with boys.

Now, her heart only belongs to her cars and her dog, Chet. She has this cute little friend, and we often see the two on her social media accounts.

Image of Mallory Gulley and her family

Caption: Mallory Gulley and her family

Mallory Gulley’s Father Kenneth, was a racer for 25 years.

The name Gulley sounds pretty familiar to many people, and that’s because Kenneth was in the car business for decades. He was a street racer for over two decades, and he is also the owner of Gulley Garage.

You would be surprised knowing that Kenneth also featured in Street Outlaws: Memphis. He is a complete gearhead and a car-loving person. Also, people know him for his 2003 Chevy s10. It’s the legendary car named Bounty Hunter. So, it was pretty evident that Mallory would follow in her father’s footsteps.

Mallory Gulley is active on social media

The famous racer is a media icon, and she is very active in social media, including Instagram and Facebook. She has over 311k followers on her Instagram account. You can check her out from the given links.

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