How did Mitchell Guist Die? The Net Worth He Leaves Behind

If you have heard about the popular reality show of History Channel, ‘Swamp People,’ you must be aware of Mitchell Guist. It is not a secret that Mitchell was a talented hunter. He is one of the wealthiest TV star born in Louisiana.

Scroll below to know more about Mitchell Guist and his life. Also, have some more information about his brother, his profession, his dates, and the truth behind his death.

Who is Mitchell Guist? Wiki, Bio Age

Mitchell James Guist was born on 18 May 1964. His mother was Bronnie Albritton, and his father was Hubert Guist.  He grew up with his brother, Glenn Guist. The siblings stayed with their family in Gonzales, Louisiana, before they migrated to Conway.  As he was born in May, he holds the zodiac sign Taurus. His nationality is American, and he holds white American ethnicity.

Image of Swamp People's star Mitchell Guist

Caption: Swamp People’s star Mitchell Guist

Meet the family members of Mitchell Guist

Mitchell’s parents, Bonnie Albritton and Hubert Guist, had five children. His four siblings were Hubert Guist Jr, Glenn Guist, Daniel Guist, and Tonya Guist. Mitchell James Guist grew up in Gonzales, but later, his family moved to Conway Bayou, Louisiana.  He enjoyed hunting and fishing from a very young age. His father taught all his children gator hunting. However, only two of the brothers were entirely focused on fishing.

Mitchell didn’t seem interested in getting married. He said that he had no time for that as he was always busy hunting. Guist seemed to be in love with going on a hunt. He doesn’t even have many records of dating or such thing. Glenn was his favorite among his siblings since they were very young. The two brothers were always seen together from their childhood.

Know more about his brother, Glenn Guist

Glenn Guist is an alligator hunter who has appearances alongside his brother, Mitchell Guist, in the popular reality show, Swamp People. Glenn and his brother Mitchell stayed together all their lives. Moreover, he seems to enjoy hunting raccoons, alligators, rabbits and also fishing.

The two brothers shared a deep love and were very close to each other. He mentioned that he has never thought of getting married and making a family of his own. Glenn says that he is too busy hunting and is very happy in his life. In short, he seems to miss his brother very much as they were always seen hunting together.

Image of Mitchell Guist with his brother Glenn Guist

Caption: Mitchell Guist with his brother Glenn Guist

How precious was Mitchell Guist? Know his Net Worth

we know Mitchell Guist as one of the wealthiest celebrities. He was extremely wealthy. Well, the entire credit for his wealth doesn’t go to himself. His parents too made a lot of money. His father was engaged in the same profession as he was, and from that, he made a significant amount of money. The entire Guist family is full of money.

Mitchell’s brother, Glenn, is also making a considerable amount of money through hunting. He appeared on the reality show Swamp People alongside his brother. His show not only gave the Guist brothers fame but also helped them earn a lot. It was noted that the Guist brothers have a net worth of $300,000.

How did Mitchell Guist die? Cause of his death

We are all too aware of the accident that took on the Belle River. On 14 May of the year 2012, he slipped and fell from his boat while he was busy loading items on it. He was rushed to the hospital, and it was announced that he had a seizure. However, it was not clear whether the seizure was because of his medical condition or the fall.

It was later announced that Mitchell Guist had a heart attack. Guist was claimed dead at a hospital in Morgan city. Then, the coroner for Ascension Parish declared his death due to natural cause. To sum up,  Guist was in his late 40s at the time of his death.

However, Mitchell’s death has created a significant impact on his brother’s life. In conclusion, he seems to miss him real bad.

Wiki Table

Name Mitchell Guist
Birth Date 18 May 1964
Age Died at 47
Birth Place Lousiana, United States
Profession Reality Star
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Net Worth $300
Ethnicity White-American
Nationality American
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse Unknown
Social Media Unknown

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