Troy Landry Sons: Meet Chase, Jacob – Know What Happened to Brandon Landry?

Just like watching Swamp People is family business in our household, alligator hunting is a family business for the show’s leading star Troy Landry. It was done years before he became a feature of Swamp People, generations before by his father and forefathers. Now it is done by his sons, and their future generations will carry the family profession further.

It is one interesting dynamic, isn’t it, the act of carrying on family traditions and profession which is nothing short of culture? So today, let us meet the new generation of Landrys. Who are Troy Landry’s sons? Meet his sons, Chase, Jacob, and Brandon, who are keeping the tradition alive with their net worth and bio. Also, what happened to Brandon Landry? Is he dead?

Find out, but first, the intro into Troy Landry’s married life and bio.

Troy Landry’s Married Life & Short Bio

Born on June 9, 1961, in Pierre Port, Troy Landry came from a long line of Louisiana natives with a Louisiana native lifestyle from alligator hunting and shrimpers to trappers and lumberjacks. It is he and his brother Bubba Landry that are running their father, Duffy Landry, and mother Myrtle Landry’s dreams.

Landry is married to his longtime wife, Bernita Landry, since September 26, 1981. So they have been married for almost 39 years and nearing the vast 40 years milestone. In that course, Troy Landry and his wife have gone from living on their small trailer home to their big dream wooden house along the highway between Baton Rouge and Morgan City. He and his wife have since been living peacefully in their dream home.

Image of Troy Landry with wife Bernita Landry

Caption: Troy Landry with wife Bernita Landry

In the course of their marriage, they also had two children together, Chase Landry, born on December 27, 1983, and Jacob Landry, born on February 22, 1990. Troy’s wife, Bernita, also has a son born from her previous marriage that is Brendon, who, after her marriage, has taken on Troy’s surname and considers Troy his father. Now learn about each of their net worth and bio. Also, what happened to Brendan Landry?

Image of Troy Landry with his three sons

Caption: Troy Landry with his three sons

Chase Landry’s Net Worth & Bio

Chase Landry is the eldest son of Troy and Bernita Landry, who became his father’s co-star in Swamp People since 2012. Landry would often come with his father when he went hunting and fishing, so it is safe to say that he knows how to gator hunt properly. In the most recent seasons, he partners with his cousin Holden as they hunt for the biggest gators they can lay their sights on.

Image of Chase Landry's net worth and bio

Caption: Chase Landry’s net worth and bio

Chase Landry, through consecutive appearances in Swamp People and other independent ventures, has surely an impressive net worth. Chase Landry’s net worth was most generously set to be a much as $400,000. Most of it had to do was his estimated salary of around $3,000 per episode of Swamp People. However, we also have to take in account his transgression like the time he got into legal trouble.

Chase Landry shot at a shrimp boat that, according to him, was speeding towards his own fishing vessel back in 2017. He hit the boat multiple times, and the matter took to courts. The 36-year-old made it worse when he did not arrive for his December trial. The court even had to issue an arrest warrant, but luckily, the matter was handled swiftly, and things didn’t go that far.

Image of Chase Landry's wife, Chelsea Kinsey

Caption: Chase Landry’s wife, Chelsea Kinsey

Chase Landry’s net worth with understanding of that as well as taking a more conservative approach of estimation should be much lower than $400,000. We estimate Chase Landry’s net worth as of 2020 to be more approximate to $200,000. Whatever his net worth maybe, he leads a happy marriage and family life with his wife, Chelsea Kinsey, and daughter, Riley Blake Landry.

Image of Chase Landry's newborn daughter, Riley

Caption: Chase Landry’s newborn daughter, Riley

Jacob Landry’s Net Worth & Bio

Jacob Landry is the younger son of Troy and Bernita, born in Pierre Port on February 22, 1990. He might be the younger son, but it did not take Jacob long to reach the skillset level of both his older brother Chase and father, Troy Landry. He always had a strong personality, that of a leader, and so he took off to captain his own boat.

Image of Jacob Landry's net worth and bio

Caption: Jacob Landry’s net worth and bio

He returned to work for his father for a few seasons, but in recent seasons he is back with partner Dusty Crum. Starting his career in Swamp People since 2012, even though he had held appearances as a young kid since 2010, Jacob Landry’s net worth is around $500,000.

Jacob Landry, on top of his sweet net worth, leads an even sweeter married life. He married his wife, Lyndsi Landry, on August 7, 2009. The couple had their first child in 2011 and their second kid in June 2015. Both of his kids are boys by the name of Ridge Adam Landry and Kase Landry.

Image of Jacob Landry's wife and children

Caption: Jacob Landry’s wife and children

Brandon Landry’s Net Worth & Bio; Is he Dead?

Brandon Landry is technically Troy Landry’s oldest son, even if he was his step-son being born on November 2, 1976. He, too, is a star in Swamp People but only for a short while from 2012 to 2014. Due to his short span on his career, there is a limit to the information we know about his bio. So yes, even Brandon Landry’s net worth remains under review for now.

Image of Brandon Landry's net worth and bio

Caption: Brandon Landry’s net worth and bio

On the other hand, Brandon Landry is open about his married life. He is not a married man. However, he does share two children with his ex-wife. We don’t have the identity of his former wife, but his two daughters are 18-year-old Rayne and 13-year-old Miley. He is currently dating his girlfriend by the name of Sheli Lynn Pavlick.

Image of Brandon Landry with his daughters

Caption: Brandon Landry with his daughters

There were some rumors going around that Brendon Landry is dead. However, upon further investigation, we found no information about any of that being true. So, fans can rest easy that not just Brendon but all of the Landry brothers are doing well.

Image of Brendon Landry with his girlfriend, Sheli

Caption: Brendon Landry with his girlfriend, Sheli

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