Learn about Swamp People’s Kristi Broussard; Her Husband & Net Worth

If women can be better than men in any and every field, then why not the field of absolute awesomeness. Well, women may already have that field covered. We are talking about absolutely badass women of the hit adventurous documentary series Swamp People. One of the most badass women that we know from the show is Kristi Broussard.

In this article, we talk about everything that we know about Kristi Broussard’s wiki and bio. Of course, we will go into both Kristi Broussard’s net worth and married life. Who is Kristi Broussard’s husband? Do they have any children? Find out

Who is Swamp People’s Cast Member, Kristi Broussard?

Kristi Broussard is a woman of many titles, an alligator hunter, a former Navy Seal, and a fantastic wife and mother. Most people only know her from the very first title of an Alligator Hunter as she rose to prominence with the release of Swamp People in 2012.

Along with her longtime friend, Liz Cavalier, the Gator Queen, she was part of a formidable team to hunt for gators in the dangerous swamps of Louisiana. There is not too much info out there on Kristi Broussard’s early life and bio. We know that she is a true Cajun and thus a Louisiana native and American by nationality. We also know that she celebrates her birthday on January 31 from her social media activities, but that’s about it.

Kristi Broussard’s Life & Career

Before being a professional alligator hunter, she was part of the Navy Seals. She served in the Navy Seal Corps for around four years before discharging to become a full-time gator hunter. Of course, all gator hunters are only active in their profession during hunting season, and even then, each hunter only gets a certain number of tags, and you can only hunt as many gators as much you have tags.

Caption: Kristi Broussard in Swamp People

In the off-season, Kristi Broussard probably keeps busy fishing and hunting for other things like Prawns, just like her co-stars and majority of the Louisiana bayou natives. Kristi Brossard also owns a ranch where she raises horses and cattle. When she is not hunting or fishing, she probably is doing work around the ranch.

Kristi Broussard’s Net Worth

Kristi Broussard being one of the very few female cast members of Swamp People, so we expect her to have a notable reputation as a celebrity. She may not a big title like ‘Gator Queen’ like her friend Liz Cavalier, but that does not mean she isn’t of the same skills and talent. Professionally, she is the best at what she does, from shooting alligators to merely doing chores around her ranch.

Image of Kristin Broussard with friend Liz Cavalier in Swamp People

Caption: Kristin Broussard with friend Liz Cavalier in Swamp People

Just her career and profession should be enough to fetch Kristi Broussard a right amount of net worth. However, we also have to put in account Kristi Broussard’s salary from her time as a Navy Seal. A Navy Seal’s annual salary, according to the four years she served, we can estimate that she quickly earned over $20,000.

However, Articlebio.com says that her salary was over $25,000 for serving in the military. With that in mind, sources have to consider it and place Kristi Broussard’s net worth is over $300,000 as of 2020.

Kristi Broussard’s Married Life; Meet her Husband & Kid

Kristi Broussard is a married woman, and she is lucky to have a husband like Justin Roy. Some may even know her husband as he too was briefly a star of Swamp People as he came to help her in the 2017 season. Not much is about there about their married life. They did date for quite sometime before her then-boyfriend, Justin popped the question, and they got engaged in December 2012.

Image of Kristi Broussard married to husband, Justin Roy

Caption: Kristi Broussard married to husband, Justin Roy

It did not take the couple long to get married as well. They got married in February 2013 in front of a small group of family and friends. Kristi Broussard will soon also get the opportunity of having the title of a mother as Kristi became pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Image of Kristi Broussard’s pregnancy pics

Caption: Kristi Broussard’s pregnancy pics

Broussard did not shy away from her pregnancy and instead was accepting of her beauty as a pregnant woman flaunting her baby bump over social media in late 2013. She gave birth to a son, Griffin, on December 16, 2013. So, Griffin is already a 6-year-old toddler and growing fast as he will be 7-years-old by the end of 2020. She has since also given birth to a second child, but no details are there to know about her younger kid.

Image of Kristi Broussard’s son, Griffin is seven years old

Caption: Kristi Broussard’s son, Griffin is seven years old

Kristi Broussard Social Media Updates

We want to write a lot about Kristi Broussard’s social media, but unfortunately, she is not very active in her socials. I mean, we did get a lot of information through her social media posts, primarily her Facebook page, which has over 50k followers. However, she is decidedly less active, posting only a few times in a year.

It was still much better than her Twitter page, which despite having 1,000 followers, was inactive since 2012. Since Kristi was much more active in her earlier days of joining Facebook and Twitter, we think that she has grown out of the social media faze and we can’ really blame her for it too. We just hope that she is having a good life with her family as of now since we can’t know.

Kristi Broussard Wiki Table

Name Kristi Broussard
Age N/A
Birthdate January 31
Birthplace Louisiana, USA
Net Worth $300,000
Marital Status Married
Husband Justin Roy
Children 2

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