Vet Dr. Sandra Wisniewski Wikipedia: Where’s She Now? Her Husband & Children

Not everybody you meet is as hungry for fame as you would think most people are. We see that evidently, with people who willingly walk out of the spotlight to pursue their career and personal life away from the media. This time we talk about Sandra Wisniewski, a former employee of Dr. Jan Pol’s clinic and former star of the show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol.’

Find out why Dr. Sandra Wisniewski left the show? What is she doing now? Did her married life have anything to do with it? We bet you have all these questions in your mind, and today we shall answer to the best of our abilities. Also, you can get more information about her husband, children, and net worth from her bio.

Why did Dr. Sandra Wisniewski Leave ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol.’?

Dr. Sandra Wisniewski is a veterinary doctor who shot to fame through her involvement with the hit National Geographic show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol.’ She first appeared the show back in 2012 when she was just a veterinarian student. Dr. Sandra Wisniewski continues to appear in the series until 2017 from season 2 to 11.

Image of Dr. Sandra Wisnewski with her son, Sam

Caption: Dr. Sandra Wisniewski with her son, Sam

In that course, she quickly became one of the fan-favorite characters in the show despite not having the most screen time. In a way, many viewers got to see her grow from a rookie veterinary student to a notable veterinary doctor, making a more personal attachment towards her life.

This was specifically why her absence from the show was quickly felt, and until today we get a lot of inquiries about why Sandra Wisniewski left the show. To be fair, those questions have not been properly answered as no formal reports were given by Dr. Sandra Wisniewski or the show.

It may have something to do with the same reason as that of fellow cast member Dr. Emily Thomas who also left the show not long after that citing the work at ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ to be too hectic. They simply were always understaffed most days dealing with the wide array of services to a large clientele of diverse animals. The filming crew also did not make it easy to move around.

Caption: Why Dr. Sandra Wisniewski left The Incredible Dr. Jan Pol

Dr. Sandra Wisniewski Married to Husband and Changed her Name

Another reason as to why Dr. Sandra Wisniewski may have left the show is her married life. While the good doctor did have an appearance in a 2017 episode, she pretty much had left the clinic by 2014 or season 5. It is also important to remember that it was around that time that she got married as well.

Yes, Dr. Sandra Wisniewski married Chris Shindorf. So in case you were not able to find any primary information on her, we think it may be because she has now taken her husband’s surname and goes by Dr. Sandra Shindorf. However, we know her as Dr. Sandra Wisniewski and will refer to her as such, even if her husband is not happy about it.

Image of Dr. Sandra Wisnewski is married to husband, Chris Shindorf

Caption: Dr. Sandra Wisniewski is married to husband, Chris Shindorf

They are not just married but also already have a beautiful family with two children. Their older kid is their daughter, Madilyn, and they gave birth to their second child, a son on February 27, 2019. Their son Sam, by that calculation, is recently one year old. We certainly hope that Sandra and her family are doing well during the rising pandemic.

Image of Dr. Sandra Wisnewski's children, Madilyn and Sam

Caption: Dr. Sandra Wisniewski’s children, Madilyn and Sam

What is Dr. Sandra Wisniewski Doing Now? Where is she?

Dr. Sandra Wisniewski, after leaving her work at Pol’s Veterinary Services, remained true to her roots and continued her practice in Michigan. She first became an employee at the Sheridan Animal Hospital in 2014. The Hospital’s Facebook page was where we got the information about her marriage and the birth of their son.

Image of Dr. Sandra Wisnewski congratulated by a workplace on the birth of her son, Sam

Caption: Dr. Sandra Wisniewski congratulated by a workplace on the birth of her son, Sam

So she was working with the hospital from at least 2014 to 2019. She currently works for Greenville Animal Hospital, which is also in Michigan. We don’t know from when she began her work here, but we found her in the hospital’s Facebook page since early 2019.

Image of Dr. Wisnewski works at the Greenville Animal Hospital

Caption: Dr. Wisniewski works at the Greenville Animal Hospital

Dr. Sandra Wisniewski Net Worth

We don’t have to tell you how big of a reality star Dr. Sandra Wisniewski is. After all, you are a fan of yourself to have come here and read so far. Dr. Sandra Wisniewski was able to garner so much attention and fame after relatively such a low screen time than most of her co-stars. She has only been in 19 episodes of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol,’ but that makes her achievements, that much more impressive.

She has also been continuously working in her career in veterinary medicine for over eight years. In that course, she has worked with multiple hospitals and gained quite a bit of fame. So, Dr. Sandra Wisniewski’s net worth is quite huge, but, at the same time, do not estimate to be in the number of millions as well. Her net worth, which must be in the amount of hundred thousand, is still under review for now.

Dr. Sandra Wisniewski Bio; Early Life

Sr. Sandra Wisniewski’s bio, mainly her early life, does not exist to public info. Like most veterinarians, she grew up in her family’s small farm and grew up loving and caring for them. In her youth, she was in 4-H, where she became more attached to working with animals. Finally, she got her DVM in 2012 from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She has a lovely Greyhound dog by the name of Nova.

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