Dr. Jan Pol [Dr. Pol] Children: Son & Grandson – How many Children does Dr. Pol have?

Step Aside, Dr. Phil, there is a new Doctor in the town, Dr. Jan Harm Pol. He does not deal with problematic teens and parents, on the contrary, he deals with animals, but it may very well be the kindness and patience he shows with these animals that makes us love the animal doctor even more. It is no doubt that Dr. Jan Pol is a father figure just from seeing his show.

You will know him to be a better father in real life, and now he is also set to be the best grandfather there is. To find out exactly why to have a look at Dr. Jan Pol’s family life by meeting his children and grandchildren. So without further ado, meet Dr. Jan Pol’s children with their net worth, married life, and bio.

Image of Dr. Jan Pol's children and grandchildren

Caption: Dr. Jan Pol’s children and grandchildren

Dr. Jan Pol’s Married Life with Wife Diane Pol

It was nothing short of faith that brought Dr. Jan Pol to his wife, Diane Pol. They met in the Mayville High School, where Dr. Pol had come from the Netherlands as an exchange student. It was 1961, and Diane Pol was in her senior year when she met Dr. Jan Pol. He would return home to pursue further studies but remained in contact with his future wife. He even invited her to the Netherlands, where she would meet his parents.

Image of Dr. Jan Pol's old picture with wife Diane Pol

Caption: Dr. Jan Pol’s old picture with wife Diane Pol

It was already official by then, but still, they decided to get married in 1967. Dr. Pol, after getting his Veterinary Medicine degree in 1970, came to Michigan, USA. He first was working in someone else’s practice for a good ten years before starting his own practice from his garage after the approval and support of his wife. A good few decades later, it became the Pol Veterinary Services we know of today through which Dr. Jan Pol himself has sought to over 20,000 clients.

Image of Dr. Jan Pol with wife Diane Pol

Caption: Dr. Jan Pol with wife Diane Pol

It is no wonder how Dr. Jan Pol’s net worth is around $1.5 million while his wife, Diane Pol’s net worth is about $1 million. Despite his outstanding net worth and career, if you ask Dr. Jan Pol his most significant achievement, he will probably say it is his kids.

Image of Dr. Jan Pol's daughter, Kathy Pol

Caption: Dr. Jan Pol’s daughter, Kathy Pol

Dr. Jan Pol has three children with his wife, but it might come as a surprise to most people that all three of his children are not his own. Yes, all three children, Kathy Pol, Charles Pol, and Diane Louise Pol Jr., are adopted. Learn about his kids’ net worth and their own married life to meet Dr. Jan Pol’s grandchildren.

Kathy Pol Net Worth & Salary

Kathleen Pol is Dr. Jan Pol’s first child, who was adopted right after her birth on August 21, 1973. Currently 46 years of age, Kathy Pol grew up in her parents’ farm, graduating from Chippewa High School in Remus, Michigan. She did not completely stray very away from her parents’ footsteps, pursuing an education and career in medicine as well.

We know this because, as of now, she is a Phlebotomist in the McLaren Bay Region and still resides happily in her Bay City area home in Michigan. She even has a considerable net worth of around $300,000. However, despite Kathy Pol’s considerable net worth and successful career, we can’t exactly say that she is living a good life considering her family situation.

Tragic Deaths of Kathy Pol’s Husband and Son

Kathy Pol has lost not just her husband but also her son in her marriage and family life. She was happily married to her wonderful husband, Gregory Butch, on July 30, 1995. After a good married life spanning over 20 years, Gregory died untimely on February 20, 2016. Gregory was just 50 years of age during his death and was a Chemical Technologist for over 22 years.

Image of Kathy Pol with husband Gregory Butch

Caption: Kathy Pol with husband Gregory Butch

Gregory Butch with wife Kathy Pol had two children he left behind their son, Adam James Butch, and daughter, Rachel Butch. Unfortunately for Kathy, the tragedy did not end there. She would be put through hell once again, three years later, on September 18, 2019, as she would lose her son too.

Image of Kathy Pol with late son Adam James Butch and daughter Rachel Butch

Caption: Kathy Pol with late son Adam James Butch and daughter Rachel Butch

Adam James Butch also passed away a few months earlier at just 23 years old. Like his mother, he, too, was working in the pharmaceuticals as a technician for Rite Aid Pharmacy. We can’t even begin to understand how Kathy Pol must have felt with the deaths of two of the most important people in her life. Although we did not know her husband and son very well, they appear to be beautiful human beings.

Charles Pol Net Worth and Salary

Charles Pol is perhaps the most famous children of Dr. Pol adopted right after his birth, just like his sister on March 6, 1979. Charles Pol is actually the executive director of his father’s show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol.’ Moreover, Charles Pol was the one to propose the idea of the show after an entire career of working in TV production.

Image of Charles Pol's net worth and salary

Caption: Charles Pol’s net worth and salary

Despite growing up in a farm helping his father to treat animals, Charles Pol graduated from the University of Miami in major communication. He would go on to work for big Production companies like Paramount Pictures and Mirage Enterprises. However, it wasn’t while he was working for another popular company, ‘Nickelodeon,’ when the idea of transforming his father’s business into the subject of a hit reality documentary series.

We wonder if Dr. Jan Pol would have ever thought that his son would make him a reality star. In recent times, Charles Pol has also been more and more active in making appearances in the show as well as the show’s official social media pages. No wonder his Charles Pol’s net worth is approximately $1 million that is as close as that of his father.

Image of Charles Pol with father Dr. Jan Pol

Caption: Charles Pol with father Dr. Jan Pol

Charles Pol is Himself a Father; Meet his Wife & Daughter

Yes, Charles Pol is himself a father. He married his longtime girlfriend, Beth Oakes, in 2018. While their marriage was a private affair, the birth of their daughter, Abigail Pol, on October 29, 2019, was part of the running ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ show. With the arrival of Abigail, Dr. Pol had a very new grandchild to look after. You can tell how happy he and his wife are to be grandparents for one more time.

Image of Charles Pol with his wife Beth and daughter Abigail

Caption: Charles Pol with his wife Beth and daughter Abigail

Diane Louise Pol, Jr. Net Worth and Salary

Diane Louise Pol Jr. is technically the eldest daughter of Jan and Diane Pol. While she is older than her adopted siblings, Diane Pol Jr. is the daughter of a close friend of the Pols by the name of Joann. Joann sadly died, leaving Diane Pol Jr. as well as her three other sisters as orphans with nobody to look after them.

Image of Diane Pol Jr.'s net worth and salary

Caption: Diane Pol Jr.’s net worth and salary

Luckily for her, The Pols took her in as a foster child when she was eight years old raising her until she was 18 years old until officially adopting her. So, she was not adopted at birth like her brother and sister, but that does not mean she was treated any differently. They brought her up with just as much love and affection as their own child to be the grown-up, independent lady that she is today.

She was 47 years old, being born on March 27, 1973, so she is only a few months older than Sister Kathy. While we can’t say for sure, we have no evidence proving that Diane Louise is married or with children. However, she is a big cat lover who owns two cats; Misti and Destiny, who she refers to as her children.

Diane Pol Jr.’s Weight Loss

Diane Louise Pol Jr. has always had a struggle with her body weight and obesity. While we do not know the details of her problems as we have no information about her early life, it is better to pay no heed to such negative parts of one’s life anyway. Instead, let us focus on the positive parts, which are the present and the future.

Diane has actually been nothing short of being an inspiration in her venture to lose weight and stay fit. It is essential that a person does not confine such positive changes amongst themselves and that she doesn’t. She even opened up about her critical achievements so far in this post below, sharing that she lost over 70 pounds in one year, over 120 pounds amongst the two photos of herself, and a total of over 150 pounds.

Image of Diane Pol Jr.'s weight loss journey

Caption: Diane Pol Jr.’s weight loss journey

We wish Diane Pol Jr. more success in her weight loss journey. Sure it is not like one of those miraculous weight losses you see on advertising, but it is much more realistic and encouraging. We would say that Diane Pol Jr. is the most private among the Dr. Pol children as we don’t know much about her. Even Diane Louise Pol Jr.’s net worth and salary remain under review for now, but we will look to bring the information to you as soon as possible.

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