Is Parker Schnabel Dating Tyler Mahoney? His Dating Life in Detail

It is a good idea to take some time off after an emotional breakup in one’s dating life. You can either immerse yourself in work or, you can take a vacation traveling somewhere. It is not an option open to everyone, but some may even do both work and travel. Gold Rush cast member Parker Schnabel may also have very well done both to keep himself away from the memory of his past dating life and former girlfriend.

Is Parker Schnabel Dating Again? What is this news about him finding a new girlfriend? Find out all about his dating life in detail, along with his girlfriend’s history and more.

Parker Schnabel’s Dating History with Ashley Youle

Parker Schnabel is the youngest of the leading cast member of Gold Rush. In fact, we will say that he is around half the age of most of his co-stars. His young age makes everyone curious about his dating life since the inception of this show. We finally were happy to know that Parker Schnabel finally made a girlfriend or at least finally made his dating life public.

Image of Parker Schnabel and then-girlfriend Ashley Youle

Caption: Parker Schnabel and then-girlfriend Ashley Youle

It was in season 7 that Parker Schnabel introduced us to his new girlfriend on Gold Rush. The stunning blonde beauty was Ashley Youle. Schnabel met Ashley on his visit to Australia. They fell in love there, but Parker would eventually have to leave her so that he could return home to work.

Image of Parker Schnabel was dating Ashley Youle

Caption: Parker Schnabel was dating Ashley Youle

He obviously did not want to do that, so he invited Ashley to work for him in Klondike, Alaska. Ashley took up the challenge and the opportunity to spend time with her boyfriend. It was quite a crucial season for Parker Schnabel, who was returning to ‘Gold Rush’ for the first time since the death of his grandfather. However, Ashley was good to be around not just for emotional support but as an essential and capable member of Parker’s crew.

While fans were happy to see Parker Schnabel finally making a girlfriend, they would argue that they hardly saw any romance between the two. Parker Schnabel went out of his way to not kiss his girlfriend, Ashley, after finding out an ongoing bet among the cameramen of a bottle of scotch to whoever takes the first pic of the couple kissing. Even without the bet, Parker Schnabel did not enjoy making his dating life a public affair. In the end, part of it drove his relationship to its conclusion.

Caption: Parker Schnabel won’t kiss his girlfriend

How did his Dating Life with Ashley Youle Ended?

Parker Youle told the Times in an exclusive interview the specific reason his relationship with a former girlfriend. According to him, he never could give their relationship “a priority.” Knowing as to how work-centric he is, we can see how he would, in fact, prioritize his work more than his dating life.

He further said, “My life has been pretty much work-dominated. I had a girlfriend for a couple of years. That didn’t work out.”

Similarly, he was very open about the breakup with ex-girlfriend Ashley in season 8 despite their two years-long relationships. We are unfortunate that their quite a lovely relationship came to such an abrupt end.

Ashley Youle Bio; Here’s What We Know

Ashley Youle is an Australia native, and she currently lives in Melbourne. All we really know about Ashley Youle is that prior to working with Parker Schnabel, she was a veterinary nurse. She also seems to love to sing and dance.

Image of Ashley Youle enjoying life back in Australia

Caption: Ashley Youle enjoying life back in Australia

After leaving ex-boyfriend, Parker Schnabel, she has gone back to Australia and enjoying time with her friends and family there going on almost regular night outs having a blast. Seeing her dancing skills and particularly her pole-dancing, we can understand how she is also a model. She even represented the famous Italian motorbike brand, Ducati, in her recent post.

Image of Ashley Youle’s bio

Caption: Ashley Youle’s bio

Is Parker Schnabel Dating Again?

Parker Schnabel, currently at 25 years old, is still pretty young, and now that the fans have got a taste, they want more. So rumors begin speculating at the slightest hint of Parker’s dating life. Just one pic with a British woman by the name of Sheena Cowell was enough for people to start speculating a dating life. However, since Sheena works for ‘Knickerbocker Glory TV,’ she probably is a member of the Gold Rush filming crew.

Image of Parker Schnabel  was rumored to dating another girlfriend, Sheena

Caption: Parker Schnabel  was rumored to dating another girlfriend, Sheena

Who is Tyler Mahoney?

On the other hand, we think that there may be certainly something going on between Parker Schnabel and the newest breakthrough star of ‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail,’ Tyler Mahoney. First, even we thought that fans were acting like 10-year-olds once again playing matchmakers with the first young and attractive woman to walk into the usually old patriarchal Gold Rush cast.

Image of Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney in rumors of dating

Caption: Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney in rumors of dating

However, looking into it, we saw more and more possibility of it being true. For those who don’t know Tyler Mahoney, she is a 4th generation gold miner from Australia. She runs a mining business in Kalgoorlie, just northeast of Perth, Western Australia with her parents, Ted and Lecky Mahoney. They have their own local version of a show by the name of ‘Aussie Gold Hunters,’ and it’s quite successful.

Caption: Tyler Mahoney is the star of the show ‘Aussie Gold Hunters’

Why we think Tyler Mahoney is Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend

One would even say Tyler Mahoney is like Schnabel’s Australian and Female alter-ego. They would surely make a hell of a couple, which is apparent in their chemistry. They already share a bunch of photos on each other’s socials where they look too close for comfort. However, things turned steamy when Mahoney shared one of her and Parker’s adventures where they are checking a stream for crocodiles, and Mahoney strips her top off.

Image of Tyler Mahoney with rumored girlfriend, Tyler Mahoney

Caption: Tyler Mahoney with rumored girlfriend, Tyler Mahoney

Many of her IG followers had the same thought that we did, saying they make a good couple. “You took off your top only for Parker, didn’t you?” a now-deleted comment read. Another deleted comment read, “Mr. & Mrs. Maybe?” asking her what all of us had in mind. Answering that another person wrote, “I’m saying without getting in trouble… yes hahaha,”

It wouldn’t be that big a deal if the woman who gave the answer was followed by Tyler Mahoney and thus possibly a friend who knew there was something between the two. Among a comment that is still not deleted is one who defends Parker Schnabel after a prior user went off on Parker Schnabel being of a horrible demeanor.

Mahoney replied to the post that was praising Schnabel with a heart emoji while not responding to any other comments, including the one complimenting her, which has us, even more, suspecting of her as Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend.

End Verdict; Is Tyler Mahoney Daring Parker Schnabel?

We have reasonable doubt to believe that Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney are dating even certain proofs. However, in court, circumstantial evidence is not enough to reach a verdict, so we will do something else that is done in the court, let the jury decide. Our jury is you guys, so what do you think, is Tyler Mahoney Parker Schnabel’s new girlfriend?

No one can tell with 100% surety unless either of the two parties makes it official; until then, we will just have to all be like 10-year-olds playing the ‘k-i-s-s-i-n-g song.’ Let’s just hope that if they are dating, Parker Schnabel will value his supposed girlfriend more this time and not lose one more Australian beauty from his side.

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