Parker Schnabel Net Worth in 2020: Is He Dating New Girlfriend Now?

For fans of the show ‘Gold Rush,’ the word Gold is synonymous with one of Gold Rush’s main star, Parker Schnabel. We expect the net worth of someone who is a synonym of gold to be very spectacular. Parker Schnabel’s net worth is certainly an impressive amount, but we have to understand them in layers. So, read all about his net worth here along with his dating life with a new girlfriend and bio below.

Parker Schnabel’s Early Life & Bio

Parker Schnabel was born to mother Nancy Schnabel and Father Roger Schnabel on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska. He was also born to a mining legend grandfather by the name of John Schnabel. He has one brother by the name of Peyton. While his father, Roger, also tried his hand at mining, Parker Schnabel was always over-ambitious to the profession.

Image of Parker Schnabel's net worth and bio

Caption: Parker Schnabel’s net worth and earning from Gold Rush is amazing

He would always hang out at his grandfather’s ‘Big Nugget’ mine. He was operating heavy machinery as soon as he was big enough to reach the peddles. By the age of 16, he was up to his neck in the business leading fellow brute miners more than twice his age. He finally got the chance to become his own man in season 4 of Gold Rush. Despite already showing a promising drive, it took Gold Rush season 4 for Schnabel to breakthrough.

Image of Parker Schnabel with grandfather, John Schnabel

Caption: Parker Schnabel with grandfather, John Schnabel

His rookie year wasn’t that bad, considering he had a total of 1,029 ounces of gold in the total collection. It will roughly equal the selling price of $1.4 million. We have not even gone to the area of exploring his net worth, and we are already talking about multi-million dollar sums. However, it is a good warning to people to let them know Parker Schnabel’s immense net worth.

What is Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth? His Net Worth in 2020 and Before

Parker Schnabel’s net worth was estimated a long time ago in 2012, and even back then, it stood at approximately $8 million. However, it has been a good eight years since. Now people are dying to know what Parker Schnabel’s net worth is as of 2020. While by the age of 24, he is believed to have already mined over $13 million worth of gold.

Caption: Parker Schnabel in Gold Rush

However, net worth cannot just be a direct derivate of one’s net worth, can it? As of 2020, Parker Schnabel, at 26 years old, has a net worth of around $10 million. It is what we would expect from a man like Schnabel who, in season 9, brought in his record-breaking 6,000 ounces of gold worth over $7.2 million.

Parker Schnabel’s Dating Life in Gold Rush

It is not uncommon for people with a successful lifestyle professionally to struggle when it comes to their dating life. Parker Schnabel has yet to land himself a girl that is wife material. So, talking about his married life is still a too distant future.

We were so happy when Parker Schnabel finally made a girlfriend in the form of Ashley Youle on season 7 of Gold Rush. Ashley Youle, who Parker Schnabel met in Australia, left her job there as a veterinary nurse to come help him mine some gold in Alaska. Since Parker Schnabel lost his grandfather prior to the season, it was good for him to have Ashley around.

Image of Parker Schnabel was dating former girlfriend Ashley Youle

Caption: Parker Schnabel was dating former girlfriend, Ashley Youle

Ashley was not just his emotional anchor as well. The entire crew, including Ashley, were vital in him pulling off his season 7’s 4,300 ounces of gold worth around $5 million. However, despite their deep love, Schnabel will break things off with his Australian girlfriend before the start of another season. Parker Schnabel would later tell in a ‘Times’ interview that he himself was to blame for the dating life not working out.

Unfortunately, what made him a good miner is precisely what made him a bad boyfriend. Everybody knows his outstanding drive and dedication for his work, and he would always place it before his relationship with now ex-girlfriend, Ashley Youle. Ashley has since gone back to Australia and enjoyed her time.

Caption: Parker Schnabel won’t kiss girlfriend Ashley Youle on TV

Is Parker Schnabel Dating a New Girlfriend?

Parker Schnabel’s dating life, on the other hand, is still a matter of confusion. While there are no confirmations of him dating anyone or being with a new girlfriend, we certainly have our suspicions. It is clear from Parker Schnabel refusing to kiss Ashley on-camera that he is hell-bent on keeping his dating life as private as he can.

Speculations about a new girlfriend first arose when he was seen with a woman by the name of Sheena Cowell. Sheena was a Brit who works for Knickerbockerglory TV. A picture where they look like a really cool couple was what led to the speculations, but we can’t say for sure if anything ever was there between the two.

Image of Parker Schnabel in rumors of dating a new girlfriend

Caption: Parker Schnabel in rumors of dating a new girlfriend

Parker Schnabel’s sparked dating rumors once again to another Australian and co-star, Tyler Mahoney. The newest Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail features Schnabel and his crew going to the outback or the down under. There they are partnering with the Mahoney family and particularly, Tyler Mahoney who are traditional Australian miners to search for Australia’s large gold nuggets.

Image of Is Parker Schnabel's new girlfriend, Tyler Mahoney

Caption: Is Parker Schnabel’s new girlfriend, Tyler Mahoney

Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney’s chemistry seems a little too perfect. We might even get to see some raunchy scenes between the two as the promo video shows the Australian beauty strip down in case she got wet while checking a river for crocodile. Apart from that, Tyler Mahoney does have a very similar personality to Schnabel. One may even call her his Australian female alter-ego.

Image of Tyler Mahoney and Parker Schnabel's chemistry

Caption: Tyler Mahoney and Parker Schnabel’s chemistry

Parker Schnabel Wiki Table

Full Name Parker Russell Schnabel
Birthdate July 22, 1994
Birthplace Haines, Alaska, USA
Age 26 years old
Net Worth $8 million (2012)

$10 million (2020)

Girlfriend Ashley Youle (2016-2017)

Tyler Mahoney (rumor)

Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 75 kg

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