What happened to Jack Hoffman on Gold Rush? Is He Dead or Alive?

If you are a fan of the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush, then you are pretty familiar with the Hoffman family. Well, even if you may not have seen the gold mining show from Alaska, you might have heard the name, right?

As you know, the risks are pretty high, and so are the rewards. From dangerous expeditions to terrible obstacles, the gold mining team has to go through a troubling season each year. So, among the big names from Gold Rush: Alaska is Jack Hoffman.

The 72 years old television personality is an inspiration to all those who are working in this business. The Gold Rush star used to mine gold for decades, but now it seems like his reign has come to an end. In this article, let’s know what happened to Jack Hoffman on Gold Rush, his injury, and health updates. Also, find out some fascinating facts about his net worth, married life, & children.

Who is Jack Hoffman? His Rise to Prominence

Before we learn anything about Jack’s mining career, we should be aware of the fact that he enlisted in the United States Army, a long time ago. After his marriage, he trained for almost six months and stationed in Germany. Later, Hoffman started as a bush pilot after his return back in the states, where he used to operate on small air trips. Of course, he always had that dream of being the finest gold miner in the state of Alaska.

In the early ’80s, Jack ventured into a new adventure while borrowing gold to acquire his dream. However, fate was as merciless as it was before. After gambling everything he had, Jack failed at realizing his dream. He let his family down while having many trials of failures along the way. Nevertheless, fate decided to take a sudden turn once the big man had a second chance at his dreams.

Image of Jack Hoffman from Gold Rush

Caption: Jack Hoffman from Gold Rush

In 2010, he worked along with his son, Todd Hoffman, who led the mining team in the harsh terrains of Alaska. Todd is quite popular when it comes to Gold Rush, for they have had an unbeaten run over the years.

Since 2010, the Hoffman family has managed to dig out 6000 ounces of expensive gold. But now, it seems like Jack is at his limits while we often see him more in the gold room than in the field. Despite his old age, the man is all about plans and strategies, for he still has the desire to find more gold. Also, he never lost any of his work ethics until recent times.

Image of Jack and his son, Todd Hoffman

Caption: Jack and his son, Todd Hoffman

Jack Hoffman’s Age & Birthday

Jack Hoffman, aka Gold Rush Jack Hoffman, was born on January 24, 1948. He grew up in Portland, Oregon. He is 72 years old as of 2020. According to his bio, Jack’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Talking about his family, he was born to Andy Hoffman (father) and Bri Hoffman (mother). He grew up in a low-income family while his parents made clothes and hunt games for a living.

Jack has always loved the wilderness and the outdoors since his early years. While serving in the army, he stationed in Germany for five long years. So, this is pretty much it about his biography a man tends to keep his private life away from the spotlight.

Additionally, people often have a question in mind, is Rick Hoffman anyhow related to Jack? Well, the answer is a definite no. The American actor has no connection to the mining family.

Image of Gold Rush's Jack Hoffman

Caption: Gold Rush’s Jack Hoffman

Jack Hoffman’s Married life and Children

Jack Hoffman is undoubtedly a lucky man who married a lovely lady, Georgia Hoffman. Well, the couple tied the knots a long time ago before he served for the United States Army. Since then, they have gone through some ups and downs while Georgia was always there for her husband.

The couple has two children, a daughter named Tamra Hoffman and a son, Todd. Well, they are the actual examples of a lovely couple and a real family. The father and son not only share a blood relationship, but they also have a similar passion for mining golds.

Image of Jack and his wife, Georgia Hoffman

Caption: Jack and his wife, Georgia Hoffman

Jack Hoffman’s Net Worth: His Income & Salary

There was a time when the man lost almost everything in his life. He was drowning in debts and had no way recovering from the crisis. However, he simply managed to follow his passion and dreams to make a surprising turnover in the mining industry.

The 72-year-old has gathered a considerable amount of fortune over the years. Hoffman made his debut for Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush back in 2010, and since then, he has managed to change his fate.

You might find it shocking for the Hoffman family has gathered gold worth over $20 million. So, Jack Hoffman’s net worth is a massive amount of $5 million as of 2020. However, he is at the end of the journey, and he is missing from the latest seasons of the show.

Image of Jack's net worth is $5 million

Caption: Jack’s net worth is $5 million

What happened to Jack Hoffman on Gold Rush: Alaska?

Gold Rush aired its Season 10 back in October of 2019, but we missed some of our favorite miners, including Jack Hoffman. The top-rated show returned with another fascinating season, but it was somewhat disappointing as well.

That’s because Jack and Todd Hoffman were not the members of the cast. Well, it was Todd who decided to leave the show while they also left the mining business behind.

Jack is already at his limits while Todd went away to explore other ventures. Also, he started his own media production company named ZUM Media. Besides that, he is spending time with his family and focusing on his burgeoning music career.

Is Jack Hoffman Dead or Alive? His Health Update in 2020

It’s been a long time since we have heard about the rumors about Jack Hoffman’s death. But, that’s not the case for the man is still alive and kicking. Well, this was just a big misunderstanding for the rumor was related to another person with the same name.

The rumor was all about a seven years old kid who was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer. The boy went through different surgeries while people thought got confused over a similar name. So, the mining legend, Jack Hoffman, is not dead as of this day.

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