Is Lance Gatcomb Returning to Maine Cabin Masters? Why did He Leave?

Do you know who Mark Zuckerberg is? Sure you do, but do you know who Joe Green is? Not as many as Zuckerberg because Green was his college roommate who walked out of a chance to become a Facebook co-founder. We don’t know how people miss out on such opportunities, but we have ourselves become witness to it happening multiple times with reality stars.

Today we talk about one of such people who are none other than the very least known Sixth member of the hit DIY Network’s Maine Cabin Masters‘ Cast member, Lance Gatcomb. There is a good chance that many new fans of the show don’t even know who Lance Gatcomb is. The ones who do are wondering about Why Lance Gatcomb left the Maine Cabin Masters.

So, let us take this time to find the reason why Lance Gatcomb quit Maine Cabin Masters. Also, have a look at Lance Gatcomb’s net worth as well as his married and dating life. Everything we could find on the hard-to-track guy is below, but we have to forewarn you about the scarcity of information we have after running into one dead end after the other in his wiki facts and bio.

Image of Lance Gatcomb's net worth and married life

Caption: Lance Gatcomb’s net worth and married life

Who is Lance Gatcomb from Maine Cabin Masters?

Lance Gatcomb was a ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ cast member appearing until season 3 of the series. Many new viewers may not remember him as season 4 was the moment from when the show took off to new heights of success. He is an expert cabin builder like most of his co-cast members.

Image of Lance Gatcomb's is a Maine Cabin Masters Cast

Caption: Lance Gatcomb’s is a Maine Cabin Masters Cast

Why did Lance Gatcomb Leave Maine Cabin Masters?

There is a thing you need to understand with reality documentary series. Like their dramatic reality series counterparts, all the drama they face is limited to only the show. Outside of their show, they don’t like to lead such dramatic lives outside of TV.

Likewise, even when some of the most popular cast leave the show, they often do it without any explanation. Similar was the case for Lance Gatcomb, who left after season 3 of Maine Cabin Masters and then disappeared without a trace. We doubt that something significant was the cause behind this, or else we would have made the news.

However, at the same time, it might as well be something trivial like a family problem that has kept Gatcomb busy. We will never know for sure unless we have information from official sources about this.

Will Lance Gatcomb Return to Maine Cabin Masters?

The life we said, nothing is certain for now. If we already had information as to why he left the show, we could estimate whether he would return or not. If there was something significant like Lance leaving the show for a better opportunity or bitterness with the show’s creators, it is less likely he will return. On the other hand, if he left for trivial matters like personal reasons, he may as well return the very next season, and that is why he never made the reveal in the first place.

Lance Gatcomb’s Net Worth

Lance Gatcomb may no longer be a part of Maine Cabin Masters cast either temporarily or permanently. However, recognized for it or not, he still must have got his fill on that handsome salary as both a cabin builder and a reality star. Unfortunately, the information we have is not sufficient to calculate Lance Gatcomb’s net worth just yet.

We do know some of his co-stars’ net worths like Chase Morrill, whose net worth is over $600,000, whereas his sister Ashley Morrill and her husband, Ryan Eldridge’s net worth is $250,000 each.

Caption: Lance Gatcomb co-stars Ashley Morrill and Chase Morrill interviewed by ‘Pickler and Ben’

Don’t get us wrong though, he was important, and some would argue even an integral part of the cast. We would say that he was like the wild child of the group, who you never knew what he would do next. From making doughnuts for his friends in a motorboat to testing a hammock by straight-up taking a power rest on it while munching on Cheetos, Gatcomb was arguably the hilarious member.

It is certainly a loss for the show if Lance Gatcomb has truly left the show and is never returning. Even some fans keep asking about who they call “the comedic relief” of the show. Maybe he is not the forgotten member of the group just yet.

Lance Gatcomb Bio; Early & Family Life

Until now, we have not done a good job at bringing you desiring information about Lance Gatcomb, have we? We apologize, but we swear we have done everything possible in our power, but Gatcomb is a private person as well as someone who quite the reality TV scene just as his show was starting to gain some traction.

What we do know from his Facebook account is a small list of his family members. His mother’s name is Pamela Gatcomb and his sister, Elizabeth Anita Davis. He also has a step-sister by the name of Crystal Perkins, but that’s about it on his family wiki. You can try your luck of checking out his Facebook yourself, but you will find nothing else than a few photos of himself and a white sailboat that Gatcomb probably owns.

Posted by Lance Gatcomb on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Caption: Lance Gatcomb is social media silent

Lance Gatcomb’s Married Life & Children

There might not be a lot of people who know the Lance Gatcomb, but the ones that do luckily know a little something about his married life and wife. You see, we got to meet Lance’s beautiful wife, Lily, in an episode ironically with the title ‘A Cabin for the Bride.’ Perhaps the episode’s title was kept after Lance Gatcomb’s very marriage.

As we got to learn something about details on their wedding and marriage, we also got to learn that the reality star was the one to build the couple’s current cozy cabin home. We did not see any children in the episode, so Lance is probably childless for now. However, the two look like they are still very much in love, which is all we care about.

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