Is Ashley Morrill Eldridge Pregnant with Husband? Her Biography, Net Worth & Children

Builder Chase Morrill (TV actor) is teaming up with his sister, brother, and best friend to save and change abandoned cabins buried deep in the remote woods of Maine. Yes, we are talking about the DIY Network’s show Maine Cabin Masters. While discussing this adventurous reality television show, Maine Cabin Masters, we cannot miss the name of Ashley Morrill.

Ashley Morrill is an American Television personality associated with DIY Network’s Maine Cabin Masters. She caught the attention of Media when she appeared in Maine Cabin Masters with his brother, Chase Morrill. Millions of fans are dying to know about Ashley Morrill’s married life with her husband and children. Also Ashley Morrill’s net worth in her Wikipedia-biography. Stay with us.

Image of Ashley Morrill's net worth and salary

Caption: Ashley Morrill’s net worth and salary

Who is Ashley Morrill from Maine Cabin Masters?

Ashley Morrill is an American Television star known for her generous contribution to DIY Network’s Maine Cabin Masters. She is a god gifted and passionate woman who specializes in designing and renovating old cabins to the majestic palace. We have all seen her magic in Maine Cabin Masters alongside his brother, Chase Morrill.

Image of Ashley Morrill with her brother, Chase Morrill

Caption: Ashley Morrill and her brother, Chase Morrill

Ashley Morrill appears with her brother, Chase Morrill, as a cabin designer and renovator. It is fair to say that Ashley Morrill has now become one of the most beloved American television stars, all thanks to Chase Morrill. Chase Morrill hosts the DIY Network’s popular show as the television star and professional constructor.

Ashley Morrill Bio, Wiki, Career

The designer Queen of Maine Cabin Masters, Ashley Morrill, was born on 27th January 1976. She grew up in Augusta, Maine, alongside her brother Chase Morrill. As of 2020, Ashley is looking to celebrate her 44th Birthday this year.

Image of Ashley Morrill with rest of the Maine Cabin Masters cast

Caption: Ashley Morrill with rest of the Maine Cabin Masters cast

Ashley Morrill was born as the child of her mother, Peggy Morrill, and her father, Eric Morrill. Regrettably, her father, whom she called her inspiration, died due to cancer in 2014. Eric was diagnosed with cancer and was battling cancer for years. Now, Ashley and her brother are the ones who take care of their family. She and her family will never forget about their tragic loss. Eric passed away on 27th July 2014.

Early Life

Talking about her interest, we found out that she is fond of keeping pets. She is an animal lover. When asked about her favorite movie, she said, “Gone with the Wind.” I know every single line. I’ve seen it a million times. Easily. Let us know about her favorite song, “Grateful Dead Jack Straw,” she answered in Q&A with Ashley Morrill. Her favorite sport is Baseball. Similarly, her favorite place to visit is Clearwater Lake in Industry, Maine. Her husband, Ryan Eldridge, takes her to Machu Pichu every year as this place is in her list of favorite places.

Image of Ashley is kissing her dog

Caption: Ashley is kissing her dog

According to Ashley, her inspiration is her dad. She developed an interest in designing cabins from her dad and her brother, Chase Morrill. Morrill said to herself that she is not a big boat person. She gets sick traveling in a boat.

Education & Career

Ashley Morrill is a classic example of woman dominance and empowerment. She is the only female star in Maine Cabin Masters. She has become a lead star in the show not only because of her relationship with her brother but also with her skill and interest. As far as we know, Ashley’s early life has been the midst of both sorrow and love. Death of the father, but the love of the family defined her childhood.

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Caption: Maine Cabin masters family and crew

Talking about her education, Ashley graduated from the University of Maine-Orono. She, along with her husband and brother, serves as a professional constructor. However, she is more a designer other than a constructor.

Caption: Ashley Morrill and her brother Chase Morril’s interview

Ashley Morrill is Happily Married to Husband, Ryan Eldridge; How They Met?

Ashley Morrill has celebrated a happy marriage with a co-star husband, Ryan Eldridge. They seem to be a happy couple. One of the reasons for their bounteous marriage is that the love birds share a similar passion and interest. Ryan appears in the show along with his wife as they have common interests. They tend to show a similar set of skills of cabins designing and construction in Maine Cabin Masters.

Image of Ashley with her husband, Ryan.

Caption: Ashley with her husband, Ryan.

Since they are both working under the same profession, the chances are that they met while working together, possibly while working for Chase Morrill. It took a few happy years, but then they were happily married.

Even though she still has not found the time to legally change her name to that of her husband, but now she uses the name of Ashley Morrill Eldridge.

She said in one interview that “I would like to change my name to my married name – Ashley Rae Eldridge. But, it’s a pain in the butt, and I have no idea where to start and where any of the required documents are.”

Does Ashley Morrill have any Children?

At this moment, Ashley and Ryan have not given a thought to having children as they are busy in their professional matters. However, this married couple has two Labradors. Even though they have no children at this date, but, they treat their pets as their kids. These two pets have been together with Ashley for a long time, and they are like a family.

Is Ashley Morrill Pregnant from Maine Cabin Masters?

Many of her fans might be wondering if Ashley has a baby inside her ready to step on the earth, but actually, the answer is no. There are no signs of her being pregnant. She has been active in social media. From it, we come to know that she is not pregnant.

Conjecture of her being pregnant might have come from her weight-gain in her new look, but that doesn’t mean she has a baby inside her. We do not think that Ashley Morrill is gaining too much weight to even guess her to be pregnant anyway.

Image of Ashley Morrill's pregnancy rumors

Caption: Ashley Morrill’s pregnancy rumors

Ashley Morrill Net Worth

Talking about her net worth, we know that she has been a winning and rising television personality in recent years. To be crystal-clear, she has an impressive net worth of $250,000 as of 2020. She is a rising personality; it is evident that her net worth will surely increase.

Image of Ashley with a happy mood in herself.

Caption: Ashley with a happy mood in herself.

Her brother, Chase, as a lead star and constructor in Maine Cabin Masters, has a net worth of $600,000.

Ashley Morrill Health; Weight Loss Updates

As we know, rumors of her being pregnant are not real. Her weight has been increased than before. We hope her health will be evergreen so that she could amaze with her outstanding and magnificent skill and passion for home designing and renovation.

Image of Maine Cabin Masters star Ashley Morrill

Caption: Maine Cabin Masters star Ashley Morrill pregnant news is false

Social Media Updates

Ashley Morrill seems to have to enjoy her best life with her husband, Ryan, and with the show cast and crew. It is no doubt that she has been an active social media user, especially on Facebook and Instagram. She has recently posted about her thanksgiving to Maine Cabin Masters cast. She keeps posting photos of her family, husband, and co-stars.

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Great weekend. Back at it tomorrow!

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Caption: Ashley’s family

Ashley Morrill Wiki & Facts Table

Full Name Ashley Morrill Eldridge
Age 44 years old
Parents Eric Morrill, Peggy Morrill
Profession Television Star
Spouse Ryan Eldridge
Net Worth $250,000
Children N/A
Birth Place 27th January 1976

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