Maine Cabin Masters Cast Net Worth & Salary 2020; How are they Paid?

For most of us, Cabins seems like temporary houses built for only camping and hunting vacations. We forget that plenty of people either call such cabins their permanent homes or hold them as dearly as their homes, like the one of Chief Hopper from Stranger Things.

Anyway, maintaining cabins, most of which were built years and years ago, can be a pain in the neck. There are only a few people and companies that are capable of working with such delicate infrastructures. In fact, only one group of people comes to our mind, and that is none other than the Maine Cabin Masters.

Image of Maine Cabin Masters cast net worth and salary
Caption: Maine Cabin Masters cast net worth and salary

A small group of cabin builders led by Chase Morrill, his sister Ashley Morrill, Ryan Eldridge, Dixie and Jedi, and their cabin repair and upgrading company in Maine is the focus of the hit show, ‘Maine Cabin Masters.’ People often wonder how the Maine Cabin Masters cast get paid.

Their net worth will certainly have most of you in shock. So here it is the Maine Cabin Masters with their net worth and salary in 2020.

Chase Morrill’s Net Worth & Salary

Chase Morrill is the owner of the company Kennebec Property Services LLC, which, more commonly now, is famous as the Kennebec Cabin Company from the show Maine Cabin Masters. Morrill’s birthdate is on December 25, 1977, in the state Capital City of Augusta, Maine making him 42 years old by age. His father was Erik Morrill, also a builder who taught him all the basics about cabins.

Image of Chase Morrill's net worth, married life, and daughters
Caption: Chase Morrill’s net worth, married life, and daughters

The 42-year-old did seek out education by completing his Bachelor’s Degree at the Liberal Arts College, the College of Atlantic in Maine, only to follow the same career as his father. Chase Morrill would, however, surpass his father’s success in the field, now that he has a trending reality show featuring his business.

Chase Morrill played a big part in the approval of starring his company, and friends or employees for the series, a decision befitting all parties. We would say so as Chase Morrill’s net worth as of 2020 is approximately around $600,000. Most of Chase net worth can be attributed to his career after the release of ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ in 2017, which is now one of DIY Network’s highest-rating shows.

Chase Morrill’s Married Life & Daughters

Chase Morrill’s net worth as impressive as it is, the real highlight for him has really been his marriage and family life. If we were married to someone as lovely as Chase Morrill’s wife, who is Sarah Morrill, we would also be pretty stoked with it. The couple met in college as his wife, Sarah was also a student at the College of Atlantic.

Image of Chase Morrill's with wife Sarah Morrill
Caption: Chase Morrill’s with wife Sarah Morrill

The couple has been married for almost 15 years. So far, we only thought the couple is parents to two daughters that were the testaments of their long marriage. Their elder daughter is Maggie Morrell, and their younger daughter is Nori Morrell, who celebrates her birthday on October 12, but we don’t know what her age is.

Image of Chase Morril's three daughters; Nori, Maggie, and Eva
Caption: Chase Morril’s three daughters; Nori, Maggie, and Eva

However, it turns out that Chase Morrill actually has four children altogether. Their eldest is Nori and Maggie, but they also have a daughter, the youngest one, Eva, and their youngest son Eric Fletcher Chase after both the name of her grandfather and father.

Image of Chase Morrill with his youngest daughter, Eva and son Fletcher
Caption: Chase Morrill with his youngest daughter, Eva and son Fletcher

Ashley Morrill’s Net Worth & Salary

Ashley Morrill is the sister of Chase Morrill, and while she may work for her brother, she is not just a pretty face of the group. Since she is the only female of the ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ Cast, she works just as hard as the guys to more than earn her place in the group as a designer. She also probably learned all the traits of the trade from her father, Eric Eldridge, just like her brother.

Image of Ashley Morrill's net worth, married life, and children
Caption: Ashley Morrill’s net worth, married life, and children

Unfortunately, Ashley and Chase lost their father to cancer in 2014. Their mother, Peggy Morrill, is thankfully alive and well.

Ashley Morrill, like every other cast member in the series, has been an essential part of the popular DIY Network show ‘Maine Cabin Masters.’ For that, she surely receives her deserving salary. For the time being, none of the cast members’ salary is available to the public. Judging from Ashley Morrill’s net worth, which is approximate, $450,000, we assume it is a lucrative wage.

Ashley Morrill’s Married Life; Any Children?

Ashley Morrill is very secretive about her married life, but it is hard to keep it a complete secret when your husband is your colleague and co-star, Ryan Eldridge. Yes, Ashley Morrill is married to longtime husband Ryan Eldridge, who also works in her brother’s company and stars in Maine Cabin Masters. Work is probably how she met and fell in love with her current husband.

Image of Ashley Morrill with husband Ryan Eldridge
Caption: Ashley Morrill with husband Ryan Eldridge

Despite not knowing any details of their married life, we see them annoying and loving each other in the show to know that love runs deep in their relationship. Despite sharing such a loving relationship, the couple still has no children together, but she does own two golden retrievers that are like children to her.

Image of Ashley Morrill's dogs are like her children
Caption: Ashley Morrill’s dogs are like her children

The black retriever is Gus, who follows Ashley everywhere, whereas the golden one is Sadie, who likes cheese and smiling at people. There were a lot of rumors revolving around Ashley Morrill’s pregnancy some time ago. However, we put the stories to rest as Ashley Morrill is not pregnant. There were also rumors concerning her health, which is also all well.

Ryan Eldridge’s Net Worth & Salary

Ryan Eldridge is the foreman of Chase Morrill’s company and his brother-in-law. Not much is there to know about Ryan Eldridge other than that he is very hard-working on the sets. He brings a lot of experience and also eventually serves as the leader of several projects. Over the years, Ryan Eldridge has become a fan favorite and, thus, must hold an impressive net worth.

Image of Ryan Eldridge's net worth and married life
Caption: Ryan Eldridge’s net worth and married life

Although his salary as a ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ cast is still under review, we were able to deduce Ryan Eldridge’s net worth to be around $400,000. It is almost on par with his wife’s $450k net worth.

We already spoke in great lengths about their married life above, so we will not bore you any further. We have previously also made it clear that Ryan Eldridge and his wife Ashley Morrill do not have any children together. The talks about Ashley Morrill getting pregnant were also false. We can’t get our heads around how Ryan Eldridge and Ashley Morrill have no kids together.

Image of Ryan Eldridge with wife Ashley Morrill
Caption: Ryan Eldridge with wife Ashley Morrill

They seem like excellent parents, especially since they babysit their nephews and nieces all the time. Maggie, Nori, Evan, and Fletcher are literally like their own children, but they also babysit their friends as well as kids of their associates. Just look at Ryan having a blow with Chase’s kids as if they were his own.

Image of Ryan Eldridge with Chase Morrill's kids
Caption: Ryan Eldridge with Chase Morrill’s kids

Dixie’s Net Worth & Salary

Dixie is perhaps the most intriguing yet mysterious characters among the ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ cast. Dixie’s actual name is Matthew Dix, and he is exactly what you would expect your cabin builder to look like. A rugged look with the help of his long hair and beard, Dixie knows how to crack a joke or two but also knowing when to get serious and down to business.

Dixie is a prominent cast member, and because of it, Dixie’s net worth is a significant amount, which for now is under review. We wouldn’t worry about it much as he looks to living a good life with a particular interest in Labrador retrievers, like the rest of his co-cast.

Jedi’s Net Worth & Salary

You may know him as Jedi, but his real name is Jared Baker. We don’t know where he gets his nickname from, but that is one neat name to have, and it really fits him. All we know is that he is a popular character in the show and thus must also possess a great deal of net worth and salary. For the time being, however, Jedi’s net worth, as well as payroll, remains under review.

What we do know is that Jedi is distinctive for his long beard and his cool-guy persona. He is very much like that is real life as well. He is very active on social media, and if we can tell anything from it, he is a traveler and a photographer. But he likes to be modest, siting the camera and scenery to be the reason for his stupendous photography in his Instagram bio.

Image of Jedi and his dog go on adventures
Caption: Jedi and his dog go on adventures

Furthermore, his dog, Suzy, is the star of most of his pictures. Suzy is an English setter and a trained bird dog gifted to him by one of the Kennebec Cabin Company. They go on all sorts of adventures together. Also, he loves to play ice hockey as the goalie and is a Patriots fan

The Sixth Member; Lance Gatcomb

Who is Lance Gatcomb?

Many people who are only new fans of ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ have no idea who Lance Gatcomb is, do you? Luckily the majority of you are original fans or at least fans from season 2, so most of you know Lance Gatcomb as one of the ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ cast. He was only a cast of the series until season 3.

Lance Gatcomb, like all his colleagues, is fully capable of handling the complex process of rebuilding and repairing cabins. However, he brings a comedic element to the show, often subjugating to unpredictable measures, which turns out to be hilarious to the viewers.

Image of Caption: Lance Gatcomb's net worth
Caption: Lance Gatcomb’s net worth

Despite his absence, the moments like making donuts on a boat for his co-stars and trying out a hammock while snacking on Cheetos remain memorable to us forever.

Why did Lance Gatcomb Leave?

There was no statement from any parties, including Lance Gatcomb, about why he left Maine Cabin Masters. It could mean two possibilities, either a significant happening was the reason behind Lance Gatcomb quitting the show overnight and leaving without traces or it being too minor a reason for not putting up a notice.

We really hope it is the latter, which would also mean that Lance Gatcomb will be returning for the Maine Cabin Masters new season. However, with no reports on the matter, both Lance Gatcomb’s net worth and future with the show remains a mystery.

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