Carter Belfort: Everything about Jordan Belfort’s Son

Although some people are born in a family of stars, they do not love the paparazzi. Instead, they chose to be away from the world of paparazzi and fame. Carter Belfort is one of the American personalities who are not into the paparazzi world. Although he is the son of a famous stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, and the supermodel, Nadine Caridi, he is away from the public.

Who is Carter Belfort?

Talking about the siblings of Carter Belfort, he has four siblings in total. Out of the four siblings, he has one biological sister named Chandler Belfort and other half-siblings Nicky, Allie, and Frankie Macaluso. The parents of his half-siblings are his mother and John Macaluso. His mother married John after her divorce with his biological father, Jordan Belfort.

Carter Belfort Bio

Talking about his education history, Carter Belfort received his education from a high school in Los Angeles. Then, he went to Bond University in the year 2015 and pursued a Bachelor of Business. Carter pursued the degree because he wanted to become a stockbroker like his father. Also, he had the plan of completing a master’s degree from the same organization too.

Image of Carter Belfort, son of Jordan Belfort

Caption: Carter Belfort, son of Jordan Belfort

Personal life; Who’s Carter Belfort Dating?

Carter Belfort has not revealed about his dating life yet. He lives a personal life and has not disclosed anything about his relationship history. Also, he was too young to disclose it. However, his teen years are already over, and he might get involved in a relationship soon.

Carter Belfort Father and Mother

While Nadine Caridi was dating Alan Wilzig, he introduced her to Jordan at a party. After that, their relationship hit different, and they fell in love with each other. As Belfort divorced his wife Denise Lombardo, he married Nadine in 1991. However, they could not last long, and after Nadine divorced Belfort, she started to date John Macaluso.

Image of Carter Belfort's parents, Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort

Caption: Carter Belfort’s parents, Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort

Nadine Caridi raised to fame after she got married to Jordan’s Belfort. Talking about her career, she is a former supermodel who is a psychotherapist now. As she spent her childhood in New York City, she went to the John Dewy High School in Brooklyn. While she was at her college, she joined the modeling industry. Then, after her graduation, she received a degree in Clinical Psychology. As she is working in clinical psychology, she has collected around $5 million as her net worth. Her annual salary is 90K dollars.

Carter Belfort’s father, Jordan Belfort, is a famous American figure who is well known as a stockbroker, an acclaimed American author, and a motivational speaker. In the year 1999, Jordan got arrested as he got accused of manipulating the share market and spent 22 months in prison. However, he published the memoir name The Wolf of Wall Street in the year and gained back the fame as the film got released in the same name in the year 2013. However, before his career in the acting field, he first worked as a salesman in Long Island. As the business grew, he started entrepreneurship.

Carter Belfort’s Sister, Chandler Belfort Bio

Chandler Belfort is the biological daughter of the famous Wall Street Broker of the late 1980s, Jordan Belfort, and Nadine Caridi. She was born in England while she got raised in Brooklyn. As of now, she is pursuing her career in modeling. Although she was raised in a reputed family, she has not revealed much about her childhood, her birthdate and her birthplace on social media. Also, she has kept her life very private and is not active on social media too.

Image of Carter Belfort's sister, Chandler Belfort

Caption: Carter Belfort’s sister, Chandler Belfort

Talking about her education, she completed her masters from the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Then, in the same year, she worked in the field of Psychology. Also, in the year 2015, she had worked as a Facilitator for One Love Foundation for around nine months. In the year 2018, she also worked as an intern for Mental Health Counselling at Berkeley College.

Chandler has not been involved in any relationship yet. She is focusing on her career and is working without dating anyone.

Social Media Updates, What is He Doing Now?

Carter is not so active on social media platforms. He does not have accounts of popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter as he lives a very private life. As of now, he is living in the Gold Coast Lair. His father, Jordan Belfort, has been helping him to move to the Gold Coast to pursue his dream. Also, Jordan introduced him to the experience of being a stockbroker.

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