Chandler Belfort: Truth about Jordan Belfort’s Daughter

You might be familiar with the name Jordan Belfort and the highly-rated film, The Wolf of Wall Street. If then, you would also recognize the daughter of the infamous man, Chandler Belfort. Being born in the limelight has its pros and cons. However, she has proved her worth without making use of any dubious means.

One can only imagine growing up in such families. In this article, let’s focus more on Jordan Belfort’s daughter, Chandler Belfort. So, here are some fascinating facts about her dating life, education, step-parents.

Who is Chandler Belfort? Meet Jordan Belfort’s Daughter

Let’s start from the beginning. Jordan Belfort has made quite an impact in the world of the stock market while also leaving a mark in the entertainment business. We also refer to him as a stockbroker kingpin. So, Chandler was born to the infamous Jordan and Nadine Caridi.

She is a famous media personality and research assistant. She has devoted her time and a keen interest in science. Despite being born in a renowned family, the youngster chose a separate path from her parents. She tends to make a name for herself, working as a research assistant.

She first started working in the social cognition and imagination lab located at Pace University, New York. Chandler began her career while she was still studying in college. Later, she devoted a long time in the field of mental health.

In 2017, Belfort worked for the Bew York State Psychiatric Institue in the same field as a research assistant. So, she has gathered a lot of experience and chose a unique path in her career. Additionally, she majors in counseling, mental health, and psychology.

Chandler Belfort Age & Bio

Chandler Belfort was born in 1994. She tends to keep her private life secretive enough for it to be out of any kind of spotlight, so her actual date of birth is still under wraps. Currently, she will be 26 years old in 2020. She was born to Jordan (father) and Nadine (father) as one of the two children.

She has a younger brother named Carter Belfort while the two siblings grew up in New York together. Talking about Chandler’s education, she has made the most out of Jordan’s resources and finance. She went for medicine and has made quite the progress in the field. However, there’s no information about her high school education, while her college studies are no secret at all.

Image of Chandler Belfort

Caption: Jordan Belfort’s daughter, Chandler Belfort

Chandler Belfort’s Currently in College

In 2012, Nadine’s daughter went to Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania area. After four years of hard work and dedication, she received her degree in Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2016.

People tend to call her a bookworm while she continued her education. She enrolled at New York University, and now she is currently doing her Master’s degree in Mental Health and Counseling.

  • Fascinating fact: Belfort is multi-lingual, she undertook a Spanish class in Muhlenberg college. Also, she knows a lot about the culture, and she is fluent in speaking the language.

Is Chandler Belfort Dating or Single?

Chandler Belfort has a unique personality while also have the brains and the beauty. Many of you would want to know more about her relationships and affairs, right. Well, we have the answer to all your questions.

Jordan’s daughter is an ambitious and good looking girl, but despite that, she is still single. Instead of being involved in a relationship, she is rather focused more on her studies and career.

So, it’s kind of good news for all of you who find her charming. There is no information about her dating life or previous relationship. However, she might be hiding the truth from the media. We can only wait to learn if she is really dating or not.

Image of Chandler with her current family

Caption: Chandler with her current family

Meet Chandler Belfort’s Parents; Jordan Belfort & Nadine Caridi

Jordan Ross Belfort needs no introduction while the man is pretty famous all around the globe. Still, for those of you who don’t know him, we’ve got you covered. He is an American author and former stockbroker. You might be familiar with The Wolf of Wall Street, so it’s a fact that the film was based on his real-life story.

He went to prison in 1999 for crimes related to stock-market manipulation and the infamous penny-stock scam. Jordan pleaded guilty to fraud and spent twenty-two long years in jail.

Image of Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi

Caption: Chandler Belfort father Jordan Belfort and mother Nadine Caridi

Talking about Nadine, she is a former model who is fondly known for her failed marriage with Jordan. One cannot deny that she has a glamorous body hence appearing in several commercials and advertisements for some big brands.

Also, she has a Ph.D. in Somatic Psychology and Neuroscience, so the dedication from Chandler in the medical field does indeed make sense. Jordan and Nadine divorced while their daughter was still young. Caridi filed for divorce in 1998 while she also fought for the sole custody of their children. Jordan was into drug use and accused of a criminal offense, so she had no other option but to walk away.

Meet Chandler Belfort’s Brother; Carter Belfort

Carter Belfort is around two years younger than his sister, so that makes him around 25 at the moment. He is the second child born to Jordan and Nadine. The youngster decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, which brought him in the media’s attention back in 2015.

He decided to head for his career as a stockbroker and went to college for his business career. Carter is also following in his sister’s footsteps and studying his Bachelor’s in Business at Bond University.

Image of Chandler and her brother, Carter

Caption: Chandler and her brother, Carter

Chandler Belfort’s Stepfather and Step-Siblings

Nadine and Jordan went on their separate ways after their divorce in 2005. However, Nadine chose to start a new family and tied the knots with John Macaluso, a fierce business tycoon in New York. They married on September 29, 2001.

Also, John is the former CEO of Wizard World. Now, Chandler has three step-sisters named Allie, Nicky, and Frankie.

Image of Chandler's mother and her step-dad, John Macaluso

Caption: Chandler’s mother and her step-dad, John Macaluso

Chandler Belfort Facts

Name Chandler Belfort
Date of Birth 1994 (26 years old)
Place of Birth New York, USA
Occupation Media Personality, Research Assistant
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Boyfriend/Husband Single
Parents Jordan Belfort (father),

Nadine Caridi (mother),

John Macaluso (stepfather)

Siblings Carter Belfort (brother),

Allie, Nicky, and Frankie (step-sisters)

Net Worth Under Review

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