How did we lose Celia Valli – Frankie Valli’s Daughter? Her Family, Siblings, Biography

Well, you must be aware of the popular star of The Four Seasons, Frankie Valli. If you know him, you must know his step-daughter Celia Valli too. Therefore, Frankie never treated Celia as others and made her feel at home every time. He als0 gave her his name, Celia Valli. Thus, he mourned at Celia Valli’s death.

Scroll below to know details about Frankie Valli’s daughter, Celia Valli and the people surrounding her. Also, have some information about her father, Frankie Valli, his career as a singer, his love life, and his unsuccessful marriages. Well, don’t miss the actual reason behind Celia Valli’s death and also have a look towards what happened to Celia family after her death.

Who is Celia Valli? Wiki, Bio

Well, the exact birth date or the year of birth of Celia Valli is not known yet. The name of her mother is Mary Mandel. However, the name of her birth father is not known. Thus, her stepfather is a famous singer, Frankie Valli. Therefore, as we are unknown about her birth date, we do not know her sun sign or any other kinds of stuff. We don’t know the exact age at which she died either. Thus, her nationality is American, and she holds the ethnicity of White-American.

Celia Valli’s Father’s Love Life and Relationships

Well, it is not a secret that Frankie Valli was defeated many times in his relationships. He was married thrice and yet none of his marriages succeeded. Thus, his first wife is a woman named Mary Mandel. Mary and Frankie Valli got married in the year 1957. Therefore, Mary already had a daughter named Celia from her past relationship. However, Frankie accepted both Mary and her child, Celia Valli. Well, after 17 years of marriage, the couple decided on getting separated in the year 1971.

Image of The famous singer, Frankie Valli with his daughters

Caption: The famous singer, Frankie Valli with his daughters

Thus, after three years, Frankie married once again. His second wife‘s name is Maryann Hannigan. However, after a very short interval of time, the couple got separated due to internal issues in the year 1982. Thus, Frankie and Maryann didn’t have any children together.

Well, Frankie married for the third time. In the following year, he married his third wife, Randy Clohessy. Moreover, Frankie and Randy had three sons named Emilio Valli, Brando Valli, and Francesco Valli. However, Randy and Frankie got separated in the year 2004.

Since 2004, Frankie has not married anyone. However, there are rumors about his relationships. People say that he is dating a woman named Jacqueline Jacobs. Jacqueline is 57 years old.

How did Frankie Valli’s daughter Celia Valli Die?

Although Celia was not the real child of Frankie Valli, he loved her very much and thought her as his own. After their union, he also adopted Celia Valli.

However, Mary and Frankie got separated in the year 1971. Even though Frankie and Mary got divorced, Frankie loved Celia very much. He raised her as his child and gave all the love that she deserved.

Image of Frankie Valli with his daughter Celia Valli

Caption: Frankie Valli with his daughter Celia Valli

However, Celia died very shortly in the year 1980. She was very young when she died. Thus, sources claim that Frankie Valli’s daughter’s death was an accident. She met a tragic accident and fell in an attempt to save herself from fire. Later, she fell on the hard ground and plummeted to death. The Valli family mourned at her death.

What happened to the Valli Family after Celia Valli’s Death?

The Valli family hadn’t even recovered from their daughter’s death, yet another bad news arrived at their door. Thus, this time, another member of their family had died. Frankie Valli’s lovely daughter, Francine Valli, died on the 16th of August, 1980. Valli was just 20 years old when she died.

Image of Frankie Valli's daughter, Francine Valli

Caption: Frankie Valli’s daughter, Francine Valli

Sources claimed that she died due to drug overdose in New Jersey. Thus, according to the official report of her death, the exact cause of her death was a result of the mixing of Quaaludes (hypnosis medication and sedative) and alcohol.

Know more about Celia Valli’s Stepfather Frankie Valli

Celia Valli’s dad, Frankie Valli’s real name is Francesco Stephen Castelluccio. He is an American singer. Frankie Valli is also known as the frontman of The Four Seasons, which began in 1960. Valli is also known for his extraordinary powerful tenor leading voice. Thus, Frankie Valli began his career as a singer in the early 1950s. Therefore, Valli’s songs have always been hit.

Thus, he was one of the members of The Four Seasons. Moreover, some of his hits included Rag Doll in the year 1964. Oh, What a Night, in the year 1975, Big girls don’t cry, in the year 1962 and many more.

Image of The star of The Four Seasons, Frankie Valli

Caption: The star of The Four Seasons, Frankie Valli

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