Vernon Adkison Daughters: Meet Yvonne Adkison and Elaine Adkison – Where Are They Now?

Well, if you are a regular viewer of the famous Bering Sea Gold, you must be aware of Vernon Adkison. Vernon Adkison, also known as Vern Adkison, is a merchant. If you know him, you must know about his two darling daughters. The name of his first daughter is Elaine, and the name of his second daughter is Yvonne.

Scroll below to know more about Vernon Adkison’s daughters Elaine and Yvonne Adkison’s life. Also, know more about Yvonne and her journey to jail. Well, you would not want to miss the update on Elaine’s life. Also, dig some information about their parents and their relationship.

Meet Vernon Adkison’s Older Daughter, Elaine Adkison

Elaine Adkison seems to keep herself far from any kind of trouble. She is a popular member of the show. Thus Elaine was heading Steve Riedel’s Bearing Booty in the beginning. Also, we get to see some glimpses of her dating life in the second season. During the second season, she was dating her boyfriend named Flint Collins. Flint Collins was also working with Elaine for Steve Riedel but, later, he was sacked.

Image of VernonĀ  Adkison older daughter Elaine Adkison

Caption: VernonĀ  Adkison older daughter, Elaine Adkison

Moreover, Elaine and Flint’s love story finally came to an end when they were busy working on the fourth season. Thus, in the fourth season, Elaine is seen dating her new co-star. The name of her new boyfriend and her co-star was Shem Fogelman. Well, Shem is a driver working for Elaine’s father. However, Elaine and Shem started staying together after Elaine and her father got into a fight.

Further, sources claim that she would return once again in the fifth season as the captain of the dredge. Well, as per now, Elaine seems to be living with her boyfriend named Shem. Thus, Elaine and Shem welcomed their baby daughter in the year 2015.

Meet Vern Adkison’s Younger Daughter, Yvonne Adkison

Yvonne Adkison was born in the year 1992. Thus it is 28 years old. Yvonne seems to have taken the footsteps of her father and is working on her father’s boat. She has also joined her father’s mining business. Well, Yvonne has made her few remarkable appearances on the Bearing Sea Gold. She was starred in the fourth season of this show.

Image of Yvonne Adkison's net worth and bio

Caption: Yvonne Adkison’s net worth and bio

Why was Vernon Adkison’s Younger Daughter Yvonne sent to Jail?

Well, Vern Adkison’s younger daughter Yvonne Adkison was arrested in December of 2014. She was accused of intending to distribute heroin by the Narcotics Team and the Western Alaska Alcohol. She was also caught possessing heroin.

Image of Vernon Adkison's younger daughter Yvonne Adkison

Caption: Vernon Adkison’s younger daughter Yvonne Adkison

When the cops went to her with a search warrant, they found $1,840 in cash, airline tickets, scales, 10 grams of heroin, and packing materials. Moreover, Yvonne Adkison was just 22 years old when she got arrested. Thus, she was sentenced until September of 2017. After eight months of her arrest, Yvonne agreed to make a plea deal.

Yvonne was sentenced for two years. However, she got one year knocked off. This knock off was because of the time that she served at the women’s facility that has almost 400 prisoners and the Hilland Mountain Correctional Center. Therefore, she was also executed to three years’ trial.

Yvonne’s Life After Prison

Scrolling through her Facebook page, it seems that Yvonne’s life has changed a lot. Thus, she has somehow managed to bring her life back in track. In January of 2019, Yvonne started her own business of hairstyling named Beyond the Mirror Salon. This star posted a picture on her Instagram account after she opened this salon.

Moreover, Yvonne makes an appearance in the premiere of the Being Sea Gold, Season 12. She attends the premiere with a lot of enthusiasm, although her dad gets accused in a storm.

Know More about Vernon Adkison

Vern Adkison’s real name is Vernon Adkison. However, he is commonly known as Vern. He was born on the 4th of June, 1947. Thus, he is from Alaska, and he does most of his business there. Well, his family and his early life is a mystery to everyone. However, we have some information about his schooling. Vernon Adkison went to the University of South Carolina.

Image of Elaine and Yvonne Adkison's father, Vernon Adkison

Caption: Elaine and Yvonne Adkison’s father, Vernon Adkison

Moreover, Vernon Adkison met his wife when he was in his 30s. After some years of dating, he married his wife named Mary Brocato. Mary and Vernon do not share any kids. After some years, Vernon met another girl and started dating. Thus, Vernon and his second wife, Elisia D Barlo, got married in the year 1989.

Therefore, Elisia and Vernon share two kids. Vernon doesn’t seem to have any kids other than his two daughters, Yvonne and Elaine. However, we do not have any evidence to prove this.

Yvonne and Elaine Adkison’s Birth and Parents

Well, both Elaine and Yvonne are the product of Vernon’s second marriage. The name of his second wife is Elisia D Barlo. Thus, their older daughter was born in August of 1990. Vernon and Elisia named their first daughter Elaine Adkison. Elaine is 30 years old.

Further, in the year 1992, Elisia and Vernon gave birth to their second child. Thus, they named their second daughter Yvonne. She was born in August of 1992 and is 28 years old. The family seemed very happy with each other. However, after some time, due to internal issues, Elaine and Yvonne’s parents got separated. Yvonne and Elaine are Americans, and they hold the ethnicity of Caucasians.

What are Elaine and Yvonne Adkison’s Net Worth?

Well, Elaine Adkison and Yvonne Adkison are incredibly wealthy. Thus, their net worth is estimated to be $2 million. They make the right amount of money by getting featured in some series and shows. Also, Elaine and Yvonne support their father in his business of gold mining.

In addition to this, Elaine and Yvonne have been living a perfect life since their childhood. Their father, Vernon, earns a lot and has been giving his daughters the best experience that he can. Thus, Elaine and Yvonne are living a very lavish life.

Wiki Table

Name Elaine Adkison and Yvonne Adkison
Birth Date 1990 and 1992
Age 30, 28
Birth Place Alaska, USA
Profession Actress
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Net Worth $2 million
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American
Marital Status Not Married
Spouse Not Married
Social Media Inactive

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