Francine Valli Wiki, Bio: Untold Facts about Frankie Valli’s Daughter

If you guys are aware of the legendary singer Frankie Valli, you must know his daughter Francine Valli. Francine was also a talented singer, just like her father. She was a beautiful young lady who pursued her career as a singer, just like her father.

Scroll down to know more about Francine Valli’s life, her father Frankie, and her early life. Also, you would not want to miss the lavish lifestyle of Francine and the reason behind her premature death.

Who is Francine Valli? Wiki, Bio

Francine Castelluccio (Valli) was the daughter of late Mary Delgado Vallie and the famous singer Frankie Valli. Her mother, Mary, was the first wife of Frankie. She was born in 1960. However, her exact birth date is still unknown. Although Francine is an American, she holds Italian ethnicity. As her parents married more than just once, she had many siblings, and she always seemed busy playing and goofing around with them.

Image of Frankie Valli's daughter Francine Valli

Caption: Frankie Valli’s daughter Francine Valli

Meet Her Parents and Know Her Early Life

Francine had a fascinating childhood as she grew up in a celebrity household. Her father was a superstar. As her mother and father married more than once, she had many siblings. She always seemed engaged in playing with them or looking after them. She wanted to become a singer following the footsteps of her father since she was very young.

Who is Francine Valli’s Father, Frankie Valli?

Frankie Valli, the father of Francine Valli, is a legendary singer. This famous singer’s hometown is New Jersey, United States. He is a very renowned musician as he makes great music. Some of his famous songs are, lady Put the light out, close up, our day will come, and so on. He has also made his appearance in many movies and TV series. Some of his works are Full House; Big girls don’t cry, and so on.

Image of Francine Valli's father, Frankie Valli

Caption: Francine Valli’s father, Frankie Valli

How Rich is Francine Valli? Know Her Net Worth

Francine Valli came from a very wealthy family. The credit for their wealth goes to her father, Frankie Valli. Therefore, Frankie seems to have earned a lot of money in his life. Most of his earnings are from his musical career. Moreover, he receives a substantial amount of money by making his appearance in many live shows. In addition to his, many TV shows and numerous movies have given him massive support in his earning. From his earning, he has been able to give his children the best life that he can afford.

It is estimated that the net worth of Frankie Valli is $80 million. Therefore, he is living a lavish life from his significant net worth. Thus, he has given a free and blissful experience to his children. In addition to this, Francine also earned a considerable amount of money through her singing career.

How did Francine Valli Die? Know The Truth Behind Her Death

Francine Valli died on the 16th of August, 1980. She was just 20 years old when she passed away—the world and her family grief at the death of this young lady. Francine is claimed to have died from a drug overdose. Initially, people said that the cause of her death was pneumonia. However, later experts found out that the actual cause of her death was the mixing of drugs, which is called Quaaludes. Quaaludes are a mixture of sedative, hypnotic medication, and methaqualone. However, many people believe that there’s a good chance that her death was planned. They think that the accident was a conscious decision, and therefore, it was a suicide.

Valli Family after Francine Valli’s Death

The legendary singer and father of Francine Valli, Frankie Valli, and her mother Mary Valli, both of them were aware of the drug abuse problem that Francine had been facing. Her parents tried to help her taking her to rehab. It seems that she showed some improvement after she returned from the rehabilitation center. Despite some improvement in her, she died due to the same reason.

Francine’s death completely disturbed the Valli family, especially her father, who was heartbroken after his first daughter’s death. After the six months of her death, her half-sister, Cecilia, also passed away in an accident. The family faced many heartbreaking situations, one after another.

Moreover, her parental grandfather also had a stroke during the summer of the same year—Frankie was in shambles after Francine’s death and other tragedies that his family faced. Frankie’s grief after he lost his daughter is clearly shown in the show, Jersey Boys. This musical show was later transformed into a movie.

Wiki Table

Name  Francine Valli
Birth Date  1960
Age Died at 20
Birth Place Unknown
Profession  Singer
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Net Worth Unknown
Ethnicity Italian
Nationality American
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse Unknown
Social Media Unknown

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