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It takes passion for creating art, but sometimes you never know when it may be a need that creates or reinvents one’s artistry. Today we talk about Lou Santiago, a man with an innate love for cars and car fabrication, which would develop even vastly over his time as a soldier, among other roles.

Learn also Car Fix host Lou Santiago’s net worth from his diverse career as well as details that most of the world is not familiar with. We are talking about Santiago’s married and family life as well. Who are his wife and children? Find out right here in his complete bio.

Who is Lou Santiago? His Age, Wiki & Bio

Lou Santiago is one of the biggest names in the world of car fabrication reality-documentary series as the current star of Car fix and previous star of Muscle Car. Santiago was born in May of 1963, which makes his age 57 years of age in 2020. We wish Lou a happy birthday in advance as currently he is 56 years old and we have no idea of his exact birthdate. If it is of any help to you, he was born on a Monday of May 1963.

Image of Lou Santiago's net worth and married life

Caption: Lou Santiago’s net worth and married life

He was born to father, Raul Santiago, who was an ironworker and mother, Lily was an inspiring school teacher, along with his two other siblings. Born in Bronx, New York, he later moved to Hempstead, Long Island, to pursue the American Dream and ended up graduating from Uniondale High School there.

During his high school years, he also became the chance to attend the Board of Cooperative Education Services’ (BOCES) trade program for two years in diesel mechanics. Lou took the opportunity in the first place because of his long interests in cars, which began since he was 13 years of age. With his friend, Wayne Swanson, a Mopar fanatic, the duo would go street racing in Wayne’s ’68 Dart.

Lou Santiago’s Military Career & Previous Activities

Lou enlisted in the US Navy in 1981 as part of the United States Naval Construction Battalion who is also known as Seabees that form the US Naval Construction Force. His duty in Navy Seal Team Eight was that of a mechanic. Lou already possessed a special skill set of handling heavy machinery. Furthermore, his car fabrication skills, on top of his ability to work with scarce resources and intense conditions, made him invaluable for the safety and support of Team 8.

After 16 honorary years, back surgery would cause him to take early retirement in 1997. After leaving the military, he went to Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC, where he got his Associate’s Degree in Human Behavior. He would use his education by working as a Behavior Management Technician for children with behavior challenges in a school only to return to his passion for muscle cars.

Lou Santiago’s Net Worth & TV Career

He first only began with transmissions and another kind of car parts but somehow had the attention of the creators of Spike TV’s Muscle Car leading to him taking the part of the hit show’s host in 2005. The Car Fix host would go on to successfully host the show for a good deal of years, hosting it for over 44 episodes. He would also host Discovery Channel’s Ultimate Car Build-Off in the 2010 season.

Caption: Lou Santiago’s net worth and salary

Are you ready to calculate Lou Santiago’s net worth now that you know his entire career? Wait, we just left out probably the most important job, which is his current stint as the host of Car Fix. Being the host of three successful car shows back to back has undoubtedly meant a massive net worth for the 56-year-old. Lou Santiago’s net worth was around $1 million back in 2015. As of 2020, we can assume that his net worth may have grown to approximately $1.5 million.

Lou Santiago’s Married Life; Meet his Children

Lou Santiago was a hard man to find any information on when it comes to his married life, wife, or children. We do know that he is married to a longtime wife, Tina Stookey Santiago.

Image of Lou Santiago and wife Tina with their daughter Lily in her wedding

Caption: Lou Santiago and wife Tina with their daughter Lily in her wedding

We know that they have been married for a long time since he was already married when he was still in the military, and the part of a reason why he left was to care for his wife. So, by calculation, they have been married for around 25 years or even more.

Image of Old picture of Lou Santiago with his wife

Caption: Old picture of Lou Santiago with his wife

They also have four children together as a course of their married life. We do not have proper information on all of Lou Santiago’s children but his son Nathan Santiago and daughter Lily Santiago. Both of his children that we know of are also already married. Lily Santiago, named after her grandmother and Lou’s mother, married Stewart Warren on June 1, 2019.

Image of Lou Santiago's daughter Lily Santiago Warren with her husband

Caption: Lou Santiago’s daughter Lily Santiago Warren with her husband

Similarly, his son, Nathan Santiago, also married not long after the same month and year on June 22, 2019. His wife’s name is Kasee Marie Santiago. Nathan works for Rowan Salisbury Schools and E Hanford Dole Elimentarywhere; he probably serves as the offensive Football coach according to his social media posts and also a car fanatic like his father.

Image of Lou Santiago's son Nathan with his wife

Caption: Lou Santiago’s son Nathan with his wife

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