Car Fix’ Bryan Fuller Wife, Married, Children, Net Worth, Bio

Gearheads, Love them or hate them, you have to give them props for having automobiles in their blood and on their minds 24/7. From your neighbor with the sports vehicle to some of the biggest names in the industry, cars are all they think about, which makes it hard to know anything more about them. One of those big names is Bryan Fuller, the host of Car Fix and multiple other shows.

Along with Car Fix’ Bryan Fuller’s net worth through his extensive career and bio, also learn his never before discussed married and family life. We know you will have a blast meeting his wife and son for the first time, so let us wait no more.

Who is Bryan Fuller?

Bryan Fuller is the host of Velocity TV’s Car Fix along with other personalities like Lou Santiago and Mike Alexander. He also is or was a host of several other shows, including especially ‘Fuller Moto Shop’ in the NBC Sports Network featuring him and his business.

Image of Bryan Fuller’s net worth and bio

Caption: Car Fix host, Bryan Fuller’s net worth and bio

Bryan Fuller’s Bio; Early Life, Age & Wiki

Born and brought up in Jacksonville, Texas, Bryan Fuller’s exact age of birth is unavailable, so, understandably we have no information on Fuller’s age as well. However, that does not necessarily mean we have no information on his early life and bio. We know enough to understand where his love for cars came from too.

It all began from a very young age as Bryan would help his father build his 1965 Ford Mustang. By high school, Fuller by himself fixed over two cars, one of which was a 1930 Ford Model A whose engine he replaced with that of a Chevy 327 V8 engine. Despite his obvious talents, Bryan never thought that it could serve as his career, initially pursuing a biology degree in college so that he could become a chiropractor.

Caption: TV host Bryan Fuller explaining about the cars and shows

It took the unfortunate death of his father when he was just 20 years old for him to understand that life was just too short and unpredictable to be doing anything else than what you love the most. So, with a new dream, he went to Wyoming Technical Institute for learning advanced technical skills after graduating from the University of North Texas.

Bryan Fuller’s Early Life

Since Bryan Fuller was always a fan of the west-coast culture when it came to cars, it only made sense that he would go to California to start a 2-year apprenticeship at the So-Cal Speed Shop there. In 2003, he was hired and mentored by another famous fabricator and artist Chip Foose. It was under Chip’s shadow that Bryan Fuller would be an essential member of their 2003 and 2005 win the Riddler award for the Best Car in the Detroit Autorama Show.

Image of Bryan Fuller with his mentor, Chip Foose

Caption: Bryan Fuller with his mentor, Chip Foose

Bryan Fuller Career

Bryan Fuller began his TV career right around this time, appearing in more than ten episodes of ‘Overhaulin’ as well as a few episodes of ‘Rides.’ In 2005, Fuller went his own separate path forging his own career, moving to Atlanta, Georgia, where his wife was from. He kept loyalties to his hometown and state though keeping the name of his shop as ‘Texas T.’ The first year went smoothly, even winning himself the 4th place in AMD World Championship for Freestyle bike building.

He would go on to win SEMA Car Show 2010’s GM Design Award with his “Impaler” and 2013 Birmingham World of Wheels Best in Show with his “Thundertaker” Cadillac Hearse. Of course, by then, Bryan Had grown his business to a household name also with a little help from more significant appearances in TV shows like the host of ‘Two Guys Garage’ and a competitor in Café Racer TV and Biker Build-Off.

Caption: Bryan Fuller’s “Thundertaker” Cadillac hearse

Isn’t just his career until now giving you an idea to how significant, Bryan Fuller’s net worth is? Well, we haven’t got to the biggest highlights of his career yet so, make sure you are ready to see it along with his net worth.

Bryan Fuller Net Worth & Salary: How much is the Car Fix host worth?

Bryan Fuller was one of the many new star cast who would be the new hosts of Velocity TV’s Car Fix in 2014. He is also the host of ‘Caffeine and Octane,’ an NBC Sports Network series displaying the culture and community of gearheads like himself in the USA, which currently is in its fifth series. If you think that this is all there is to know before calculating Bryan Fuller’s net worth, you would be wrong.

Bryan Fuller is also an author who was behind two famous books, ’ Full-Bore Welding” and “Full-Bore Sheet Metal.” What is more impressive from a net worth stand of view is that not only is Fuller the co-writer of the successful “how-to” books, but they were also the products of his own publishing company. Unfortunately, even with so much information, we are unable to correctly tally Bryan Fuller’s net worth.

Image of Bryan Fuller’s net worth and salary

Caption: Bryan Fuller’s net worth and salary

We will be reviewing it behind the scenes and luckily have a definitive net worth very soon. We have brought you his career in as much detail as we can, which should give us the idea of his net worth, which is probably in millions. Plus, his extensive car and bike collection is a marvel of his net worth in itself.

Bryan Fuller’s Married Life;

Even Bryan Fuller’s Net worth and bio had scarce information, and we thought we would meet a dead end even when it comes to his married life. However, it turns out, like most of us, Bryan Fuller also loves to eventually share his marriage and family moments over social media. So, we got to meet Bryan Fuller’s wife and son through it, and now we are going to introduce you to them as well.

Meet his Wife & Son

Bryan Fuller’s wife is Paige Cannon Fuller is the Vice-President of Sales & Marketing at the Icebox. Since we know that Bryan Fuller came to Atlanta, Georgia, to establish his shop, which now goes by the name ‘Hot Rod’ because this was where his wife’s family was. So it probably has been quite some time since they have been married, we would well over 15 years maybe even 20. In that long, they only have one son together that we know of.

Image of Meet Bryan Fuller’s wife and son

Caption: Meet Bryan Fuller’s wife and son

His son takes his wife’s maiden name of Cannon Nash Fuller. Cannon is in fifth grade so, we would say he is around 10 to 11 years old and looks all grown-up. He will undoubtedly grow up to be over 6 feet easily when he gets big, just like his father, who is good since he loves basketball a lot. Below is a picture of him hanging out with his father in Father’s day, and the two look like they are having a great time as they have some ice cream.

Image of Bryan Fuller’s son, Cannon Nash Fuller

Caption: Bryan Fuller’s son, Cannon Nash Fuller

Bryan Fuller seems to be living his best family life with his wife and son. Just recently, they were able to make a little derby in their backyard where they could go dirt-biking and other off-road sports. Bryan had a blast as he posted this pic of him with his family on a quad.

Image of Bryan Fuller with wife and son

Caption: Bryan Fuller with wife and son

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