Is Tamara Day from Bargain Mansions Married? Her Net Worth & Family

For Home restoration expert, there is no such thing that as the home that’s too big. This mother of four specializes in restoring the neglected large homes that others are too scared to take on. She brings these big beauties back to life so that new families can move in and love them again.

Yes, we are talking about none other than a mother, designer, and television host of the publicly renowned reality show that airs on DIY network offered by HGTV, “Bargain Mansions,” Tamara Day. Since 2017, Tamara Day has been hosting, starring, and designing homes at Bargain Mansions.

Tamara Day has been successful in establishing herself as the famous television personality, caring mother, loving wife, and a passionate designer at Bargain Mansions. Thank you for stopping by in this article, and let’s be familiar with Tamara Day’s family, her net worth, and her journey towards Bargain Mansions.

Image of Tamara Day's net worth and bio

Caption: Tamara Day’s net worth and bio

Who is Tamara Day from Bargain Mansions?

Tamara Day is an actress, television personality known for “The Mailbox (2007)“, “Little Money Mansions (2016),” and “DIY Ultimate retreat 2017 (2017)“. She has been a home designer at DIY network renowned reality television series “Bargain Mansions.”

Tamara Day was born on August 20, 1976, in Kansas City of the USA. Tamara Day is a 43-year-old married woman who hosts as a designer and renovator of home at Bargain Mansions.

Image of TV personality, Tamara Day

Caption: TV personality, Tamara Day

When asked about her inspiration in an interview, she told us that her inspiration and role model was her father, Ward Schraeder. She says she still can’t believe the woman she has become now. She mentioned

“If anybody had told me that this business of mine would turn into the premise of a TV show on the DIY network, I probably would have laughed. I still kind of laugh when I think about it.” She is now working on her new project

“Growing days Home,” which opened on December 7, 2019. It is a store where you can find all the things as shown in Bargain Mansions. Let us know about her family, Net worth, bio, and Her Quick facts. Check out her blog in which she mentions about her story and journey towards what she is now. Click it NOW!

Tamara Day and Her Bio

Designer Tamara Day is the purveyor of the glam and cozy. Tamara’s sense of style and eye for what works has created an insatiable for her interior home design expertise, furniture, and décor. Tamara grew up in the Midwestern plains, in Salina, Kansas City. Her “Doing-it-yourself” skill comes from growing up on a farm.

The 43-year-old learned the skills and expertise that she has now, from her dad, Ward Schroeder. After getting married, Tamara and Bill took on old, dilapidated houses that no one wanted to turn it into a beautiful space and corner.

Image of Tamara Day's career in Bargain Mansions

Caption: Tamara Day’s career in Bargain Mansions

While Tamara didn’t have the word “Impossible” in her dictionary, she started renovating houses and interior design learning from her dad. After graduating with a degree in communications at Kansas State in 2008, she took the biggest project of all. A 5,000 square foot 1980’s foreclosed home that a complete re-haul to make liveable. The house that they bought was a wreck full of trashes and destroyed appliances.

So, she took the tools and started renovating it. She re-designed every inch of the house and made it a diamond that caught the attention of local magazines. In this way, she started her home designing career on and off the screen.

Tamara Day is Happily Married to Bill Day. Let’s Meet her Children

The reality television star and home designer is a married woman, and her husband’s name is Bill. They are happily married couples. They married each other in 2000. Coincidentally, Bill had a background in flipping houses too. They are together since their marriage.

The couples bought new houses, and Tamara designed and renovated homes. Tamara and Bill have a happy and warm family of four children. They are Nora, Bobby, Henry, and Thomas.

Image of Tamra Day with husband and children

Caption: Tamra Day with husband and children

Nora, Bobby, Henry, and Thomas are 6, 12, 14, and 10 years old, respectively. She mentioned, “This photo was taken a right after we filmed the pilot episode! This is my family, my family, my joy and pride, the reason for everything I do, and the biggest supporters behind this dream.”

Tamara Day on his HGTV show “Bargain Mansions.” CHECK THIS OUT. CLICK IT NOW!!

Meet Bill Day; Tamara’s Husband

Reflecting on Tamara’s personal life, this passionate home designer and a loving wife is married to Bill Day. They married each other in 2000. As mentioned earlier, she told us that she didn’t know that Bill also had a background in flipping houses. She and Bill started buying new homes while Tamara did the job of her interest, renovating and designing residences and changing it into a palace.

They have four children, three sons and one daughter, Nora. They fell in love with each other’s personalities. Their passion seems to grow day by day. Currently, they are living a happy and blessed family life.

Image of Tamara Day with her husband

Caption: Tamara Day with her husband Bill Day

Let’s Meet Tamara’s Family; Her Father & Mother

Tamara’s passion and love for house designing and renovation originated from her father. She says, “My love for all these things came at an early age while assisting my dad, Ward Schraeder, on all of his home renovation projects.” She sees her father, Ward, as her role model and her inspiration.

Without her family’s support, she wouldn’t be the person she is now. Her mother, Trish Schraeder, might not be picking out the homes to renovate on Bargain Mansions, Trish is still the most crucial figure in her life and success.

Image of Tamara Days with her family

Caption: Tamara Days with her family

Ward and Trish celebrated their 45th anniversary in 2019, and two are the grandparents of Tamara’s four children.

How much is Tamara Day’s Net Worth?

Tamara has been a lead actor and a host of Bargain Mansion that airs on HGTV and DIY network. Her fans have been dying to know about her Net worth, including her all sources of income. Various acclaimed critics have reviewed her net worth. As far as we know, her net worth is $1 million. But, it is still being considered and debated.

Tamara Day Social Media Updates

Tamara Day has become a famous television personality. Before Bargain Mansions, she has played a role in The Mailbox (2007) and DIY Network Retreat (2017). She and her dad keep posting about their projects. Often, Trish is missing in their social media posts. Tamara and Ward often forget to post a photo of Trisha.

Tamara Day’s Wiki Bio Table

Full Name Tamara Day
Birth Date August 20, 1976
Birth Place Kansas City, Missouri
Parents Ward Schraeder, Trish Schraeder
Spouse Bill Day
Profession Television Actor, Designer
Children Four children





Nationality American
Net Worth $ 1 million

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