June Hansen Biography: Cancer Updates & Facts about Sig Hansen’s wife

The wife of a famous American television personality, Sig Hansen, who appears in the Discovery Channel’s documentary series, Deadliest Catch, is June Hansen. She occasionally appears with her husband in Deadliest Catch. Hence, she is famous as the wife of Sig Hansen.

Know everything about Sig Hansen’s wife June Hansen, along with the death rumors about her. Also, get information about her net worth and married life with her husband and children.

June Hansen Biography: Age & Birthdate Wiki

The actual date of birth of Jane Hansen has not been revealed yet. However, specific sources claim that she is 50 years old now. We do not have enough information regarding her place of birth too. But, she was born in the United States of America. June belongs to the White-American ethnic groups, and her nationality is American.

Moreover, June has not revealed about her parents and her siblings as well. The information about her childhood days is not into disclosure yet.

Image of June Hansen, the wife of Sig Hansen

Caption: June Hansen, the wife of Sig Hansen

Why is June Hansen Famous?

June Hansen is famous as the wife of Sig Hansen, who is a popular actor in the acclaimed American Television series, the Deadliest Catch. Along with her husband, she also appears sometimes in the series. Also, she has appeared in different other series of Disney Channel as a guest. She has also performed in Prom Date of Josh Taylor.

June Hansen Net Worth: How rich is Sig Hansen’s wife?

Talking about the net worth of June Hansen, she has not revealed her assets and her yet worth. Also, she has not revealed much about her salary and her income. As she appeared in episodes of Deadliest Catch occasionally and other Television series as a guest, she might have earned a significant sum of money. However, her exact net worth is not into the disclosure.

But, her husband, Sig Hansen, is a wealthy American television personality. His net worth is around $3 million, which he collected from his role in the popular documentary series, Deadliest Catch. He serves as the caption of a fishing vessel. Moreover, he has also received his net worth as the author of a best selling book.

Married Life of June Hansen & Her Kids

June is the wife of Sig Hansen and is a married woman. Sig Hansen and June Hansen have not revealed their marriage date and venue. As they live a private married life, they have not disclosed anything about their relationship too. Talking about their kids, they have their daughters.

The two daughters, Mandy Hansen and Nina Hansen are adopted. However, June also has a stepdaughter from the previous marriage of her husband with Lisa Eckstorm named Melissa. As of now, all the family members live together in Seattle, Washington, the United States of America.

Image of June Hansen with her husband, Sig Hansen

Caption: June Hansen with her husband, Sig Hansen

The love of June and Sig is immense. As the news of cancer reached the ears of Sig, he immediately replied to her that he would be there through all thick and thins. Also, June helped Sig recover after he suffered two heart attacks. Hence, this couple always remains by the side of one other through all thick and thins.

A Short Bio on Sig Hansen – June Hansen’s Husband

The husband of June Hansen, Sig Hansen, is the caption of the popular fishing vessel FN Northwestern. Also, he is the famous star of the documentary television series named, Deadliest Catch and the technical advisor of it. He was born on the 28th of April. 1966 in Seattle, Washington, the United States of America. As he belongs to the Norwegian descent, he speaks fluent Norwegian.

Image of Sig Hansen, the husband of June Hansen

Caption: Sig Hansen, the husband of June Hansen

Born in the family of the professional fishers, his grandfather was the pioneer of the opilio crab fishing in Alaska. The famous captain started fishing at the age of 14 while he was working on his family boat. From his early days, he would enjoy fishing rather than going to school.

As soon as Sig graduated from high school, he started his fishing career for around ten months per year in the Bering Sea and Alaska. By the age of 24, Sig was already the full-timer in Northwestern and became the top producer.

Body Measurements of June Hansen

Until today, June Hansen has not revealed her body statistics yet. The measurements of her height, weight, including the information of her chest, waist, and hip size, are not open to the media. She has fine blonde hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. Although she is struck by cancer, she still looks gorgeous and beautiful.

Cancer Updates of June

June Hansen got diagnosed with cancer in early June 2019. At the time, her husband, Sig Hansen, was on the Northwestern. In the middle of the storm, Elsa, Sig, received a call from his wife. As June never made a call while he was on work until it was necessary, Sig already knew that there was something important. After moving from the caption chair, he called June and sobered. He replied to his wife with the warm ‘I Love you too’ and then turned to the camera to let the people know what was wrong.

After that, Sig said that there was no way he was going to the north. During the tough time of his wife, he is with her and helping her face the struggles of cancer.

Social Media Updates

As June lives a private life, she has not yet revealed about her life in the social media platform. June is not active on social media as her husband. Although she appears in some episodes of Deadliest Catch with her husband is a popular actress, she is not sharing anything on her social media platform.

June Hansen Wiki Table

Name June Hansen
Birth Date Unknown
Age Unknown
Birth Place United States of America
Profession Actress
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Net Worth Unknown
Ethnicity White-American
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Spouse Sig Hansen
Social Media Unknown

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