Meet Raymond Taylor: Rapping Queen Trina’s New Boyfriend & Their Dating Life

We all have probably heard about the lady described by XXL magazine as “the most consistent female rapper of all time,” Trina.  Katrina Laverne Taylor, professionally known as Trina, is an American rapper and Television personality. She has already established herself as the most consistent and talented female rapper.

Not only establishing herself as a consistent and talented rapper, but she has also grabbed the attention of Lil Wayne as her ex-fiancée, and Kenyon Martin from 2007 to 2009.  Currently, she is in a relationship with the new face in the market, Raymond Taylor.

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Who is Raymond Taylor, Trina’s Boyfriend?

The Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Trina’s Boyfriend, Raymond Taylor, is a 27-year-old entrepreneur. 44-year-old Trina is dating Raymond, 16 years younger than her. “Da Baddest Chick,” aka Trina, is having a good time with his new boyfriend, Raymond.

Image of Raymond Taylor with his girlfriend Trina

Caption: Raymond Taylor with his girlfriend Trina

Raymond is a rapper, Businessman, and Entrepreneur. After being in the relationship between Trina, He has become famous among the public. Raymond is also a rapper who goes by the name of Rap Almighty. He is associated with the Rockstar music group. He started publishing music videos under Team sports creatives in Soundcloud.

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We have also come to know that Raymond Taylor is the creative director and Content Curator.

Raymond, during his college life, was a fund of playing basketball. He established himself as a good basketball player during his college life and school. He played basketball for his colleges, Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University.

Image of Trina enjoying dating life with Raymond Taylor

Caption: Trina enjoying dating life with Raymond Taylor

His height, during his colleges, was 5 feet 6 inches. Even though He was a good player in basketball, competing with the players who have a maximum height of 6 feet.  Raymond Taylor is a big fan of John Lennon. Joy young was the one who set Raymond and Trina for their relationship today. We will discuss it in detail. We will also learn about his net worth. Does his net worth match with Trina’s?

What is Raymond Taylor’s Net Worth?

Now, Raymond is in a genuine relationship with “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” Trina. As far as we know, he is a rapper, businessman, and entrepreneur. Was it the net worth who caught the attention of Rapping Queen Trina? No, we don’t think so.

Raymond’s Net worth, including his business and recently, started music videos, his net worth is still being studied by various acclaimed sources. However, some acclaimed reports claim that his net worth is around.

Raymond Taylor Dating Life with Trina, Any Marriage Plans?

The beautiful pair of Katrina, professionally, Trina, and Raymond, is dating each other for a year now. Raymond and Trina both are supporting each other for their current relationship. After the break up of Trina and NBA star Kenyon Martin, she is still struggling with his troubles and issues. Previously, she was in a relationship with Rap King Lil Wayne.

Image of Raymond Taylor dating with rapping Queen Trina

Caption: Raymond Taylor dating with rapping Queen Trina

As far as we know, she is dating Raymond now and for quite some time too. Maybe, they are thinking of marriage too. There are no reports of them breaking up.

How Did She Meet Current Boyfriend, Raymond Taylor?

The significant relationship between Raymond and Trina inspires the rumor that, Is Raymond the one? All thanks to the fellow co-star of LHHM and Trina’s cousin, Joy Young, she got the opportunity to reunite with Raymond. I mentioned “Reunite” in the sentence because she and Raymond were old friends.

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It is safe to say that Raymond was in the “Friend Zone” of Trina’s life. When Trick Daddy’s ex-wife, Joy, trying to her groove back, she tagged her cousin Trina along as her backup. Raymond and Trina were good friends. However, Joy acted like a bridge to connect Trina and Raymond. Not just Raymond, but Trina also seems like she is enjoying her to the fullest, all thanks to Joy Young.

Raymond Taylor Wikipedia Biography and Age

Raymond Taylor and Trina share a 16-year difference in age. Similar to Jay Z and Beyoncé, who also share a 17-year difference. Age gap relationships and couples are pretty standard nowadays.

Trina was born on the day of December 3, 1974, in Miami, Florida, as Katrina Laverne Taylor. Similarly, Raymond was born in 1990; his exact birthdate is debated among intertwined days of October 26, 27, and 28. Not diving into the detail, Raymond is 29 years old, and Trina is 45 years old.

Raymond Taylor Social Media Updates

Being in a relationship with rap queen Trina, there is no doubt that her boyfriend Raymond is not active in social media. We did not find him in any platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Raymond Taylor Wiki Table

Full Name Raymond Taylor
Height 5’7”
Partner Katrina Laverne Taylor
Birth Date 1990
Age 29
Children N/A
Parents N/A

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