Why Jeremy Bumpus Left Truck Tech? See his Married & Family Life

So far, we have gone up the mountain and across the river to bring you about as many car fabricators from reality TV shows around the world. To further show our determination to the cause, right now, we are not just talking about stars of widely popular shows. We will instead be talking about Jeremy Bumpus, the host and cast member of ‘Truck Tech.’

If you’re a man who loves big cars and engines, then you should read this article even if you don’t know Jeremy Bumpus, learn about Jeremy Bumpus’s net worth and career, but most importantly, have a look at his lovely family.

Are you curious to know who Jeremy Bumpus’s wife is? Scroll down for details on his married life and children.

Image of Jeremy Bumpus with daughter

Caption: Jeremy Bumpus with daughter

Jeremy Bumpus Net Worth and Career

Many will remember Jeremy Bumpus as the host of ‘Truck Tech‘ in PowerNation TV. What many may not know is that the show ‘Truck Tech’ has been entertaining generations since it’s inception in 1999 under the title ‘Trucks!’ However, Jeremy Bumpus only became the host of the show along with Katie Osborne since March of 2015 in the show’s 2014 rebut.

Caption: Jeremy Bumpus in ‘Truck Tech’

Jeremy Bumpus remained a host as well as a technical producer for over three years. He left the show in September 2018. We aren’t huge fans of the show, and since it is not a high-rating international show, so there were very scarce details about the details leading to him leaving ‘Truck Tech.’ For now, the reason as to why Jeremy Bumpus left the show will remain a mystery.

While you would think that his repertoire as a former reality star is enough, but his full career will surprise you. Currently, Jeremy Bumpus is the owner of The Hot Rod Body Shop, which restores and modifies muscle cars, trucks, and other antiques. They are especially famous for their paint and outer fabrication work on muscle cars, giving the beautiful looks these bad boys of the road deserve.

Jeremy Bumpus’s years of work in the business are exactly what earn him his massive net worth, which we are sure is in millions. However, Jeremy Bumpus’s net worth remains under review for now. You can tell that he continuously works to better his net worth from merely the fact that he only came to The Hot Rod Body Shop as a painter and manger in 2006. By 2016 he became its owner.

Jeremy Bumpus’s Married & Family Life

Jeremy Bumpus’s net worth is just the cherry on top for his beautiful marriage and family life. He is married to his lovely wife, Kim Bumpus. We do not know how and where this couple of husband and wife first met and decided to get married. What we do know is that Jeremy’s wife, Kim, also works with him at the Shop as a car fabricator. So, it is not really hard to imagine how the two met really.

Image of Jeremy Bumpus with wife Kim Bumpus

Caption: Jeremy Bumpus with wife Kim Bumpus

We estimate that Jeremy and Kim have been married for a long time as together they are parents to not one, not two, not three but four children. Kim is disillusioning with her slim figure, even which she has maintained even after FOUR children. They consecutively have three elder daughters, and their youngest is a son. From old to young, the names of their children are 12-year-old Ella, 7-year-old Jordyn Leigh, 3-year-old Cobi Lynn, and 2-year-old Jeremy Jr. or JB.

Image of Jeremy Bumpus's children; three daughters and one son

Caption: Jeremy Bumpus’s children; three daughters and one son

To be more precise, Ella was born on October 3, 2007, Jordyn was born on July 17, 2012, Cobi was born on February 23, 2016, and JB most recently on May 30, 2017. T’s a full house with the four kids’ family, but somehow both Jeremy and Kim manage to work as well as become loving parents.

Image of Jeremy Bumpus with wife and children

Caption: Jeremy Bumpus with wife and children

Jeremy Bumpus’s Early Life & Bio

There is really no information available about Jim Bumpus’s early life and bio out there for us to explore. We do know that outside of cars, trucks, and motorbikes, Jeremy has a keen interest in music. In fact, He has a Bachelor’s degree in Blues Guitar, as you can tell from his frequent posts of electric guitars on his Instagram profile.

Image of Jeremy Bumpus has a Bachelor's degree in Blues Music

Caption: Jeremy Bumpus has a Bachelor’s degree in Blues Music

Similarly, he also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Collision, Refinishing, and Upholstery from VC Tech. He resides happily with his family in Franklin, Tennessee.

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