Is Frank Fritz Married? Who is His Wife? His Net Worth & Married Life

The unique antique collector and the owner of the antique shop, Frank Fritz, is also the host of the American Reality Television series, American Pickers. After he appeared in the American Pickers, his popularity raised. He is a perfect example of how people are making money out of their hobbies.

If you, like us, are a fan of American Pickers, know more about Frank Fritz, including his net worth, house, married life, and his recent health issues by sticking with us.

Who is Frank Fritz? Age & Birthday

Frank Fritz was born in Davenport on 11th October 1965, in the state of Iowa, the United States of America. His zodiac sign is Libra, and he is 55 years as of now. His ethnicity is White-American, and his nationality is American too. Although he was born in Iowa, he was raised in Ohio.

Image of Frank Fritz, star of American Pickers

Caption: Frank Fritz, star of American Pickers

The name of his mother is Susan Zirbes, and the name of his father is Bill Fritz. Bill worked in a dispensary while Susan served as a babysitter and looked after other’s children as a nanny. He has an elder sister, and they were brought up together.

Early Childhood and Education

During his childhood days, he was interested in collected rocks along with his childhood friend, Mike Wolfe. His friend also had an interest in the antiques. As he grew up, his interest also grew on collecting cars and toys too. After some time, he founded Antique Archeology shop along with his friend Mike in Lowa’s Le Claire.

They visited around two hundred cities to collect the antiques so that they could refurbish. Then, they started to sell the refurbished items through their shop to the public.

Image of Frank Fritz with his childhood friend, Frank Fritz

Caption: Frank Fritz with his childhood friend, Frank Fritz

Talking about Frank’s education, he has completed his high school. However, he did not go to college. During his college days, he was already interested in collecting antiques. So, he started to collect antiques.

Is Frank Fritz Married, or Is He Gay? Know his Married Life

The fans of Fran Fritz were worried if he was gay at the beginning because of his on-screen chemistry with his co-host and his friend from childhood, Mike Wolfe. However, as Mike was a married man and had a daughter with Jodi Faeth, the rumors settled.

Through the years, Frank did not reveal about his relationship and posted his status as single. However, later he started to post with a lady named Diann. Although there is no confirmation about his marriage with Diann, they are in a sweet relationship. Diann has a daughter with her ex-husband named Paige. This couple is often seen holding hands on the red carpet and also seem to enjoy their vacations together. Also, Diann helps Frank on managing his antique store too.

Image of Frank Fritz with his girlfriend, Diann

Caption: Frank Fritz with his girlfriend, Diann

Frank Fritz Net Worth & Salary

As the co-host of the famous American reality Television series, American Pickers, Frank Fritz has appeared widely in the media. He has also collected a significant sum of money from it. The show recorded for more than 3.7 million followers who were able to bring him big fame and lots of money. Also, he has gained a lot from his antique shop as he put a lot of effort into it.

Moreover, he also published a boom named How to Pick Vintage Motorcycles on 16th November 2013, which was able to sell high. Hence, collecting income from all the sources, it is believed that he earns more than $500K every year. As of now, Frank has already received a significant sum of more than $4 million as his net worth. Also, he has collected many vintage motorcycles like Harley Davidson and other cars too.

Is Frank Fritz Sick? Death Rumors

Although Frank Fritz has been sick for years, he has not dead until now. It is already over 30 years that he was diagnosed with Chron’s disease. But, he is living quite a good life facing struggles.

Image of TV personality, Frank Fritz is still alive

Caption: TV personality, Frank Fritz is still alive

Frank Fritz Weight Loss & Health Updates

Frank Fritz is not living a healthy life. He has become the victim of Cron’s disease for more than 30 years. Chron’s disease is an incurable and chronic disease that affects the intestinal tract with specific symptoms like rectal bleeding, skin and eye irritation, weight loss, fever, and diarrhea. In his case, it requires the use of restaurant time often.

To manage the illness, he focuses on little during the daytime and consumes more meals at mealtime. In the year 2011, he also appeared on the cover of the magazine, which as a support for other people who have Crohn’s disease.

What is He Doing Now? Social Media Updates

The popular host of American Pickers is active on social media. He has collected more than 65K followers on his Instagram profile, with around 139 followings. Also, he has raised more than 54K followers on Twitter, with about 93 followings. In the present day, he has been actively serving in the reality television series, American Pickers. He is also working along with his wife in his antique shop.

Frank Fritz Wiki Table

Name Frank Fritz
Birth Date 11th October 1965
Age 55 years
Birth Place Davenport, in the state of Iowa, the United States of America
Profession Tv Star and Businessman
Height 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight Unknown
Net Worth $4 million
Ethnicity White-American
Nationality American
Marital Status Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

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