Alexus Whilby: Everything About Kyle Chrisley’s Wife

Behind every well-settled man, there is the hand of a woman. This statement is highly supported by people like Alexus Whilby, who is famously known as the wife of Kyle Chrisley.

If you have watched the USA Network’s hit reality show, Chrisley Knows Best from the beginning, then you might remember Todd Chrisley’s oldest son, Kyle Chrisley. Kyle, who has battled with addiction and mental disorder. So, are Kyle Chrisley and Alexus Whilby still together? Where is she now?

Stay with us until the very end so we can uncover everything about Alexus.

Alexus Whilby is a Georgian Native

Alexus is well-known as the wife of Kyle Chrisley. Whilby was born in 1991 and is 29 years old now. She is very secretive about her personal life, and so, the accurate birth date and place are not known though she holds the citizenship of the United States and belongs to African-American ethnicity.

Image of Alexus Whilby is the wife of Kyle Chrisley

Caption: Alexus Whilby is the wife of Kyle Chrisley

The black beauty stands at a decent height and looks a bit short in stature. Other than this, there is not vital information about her body statistics.

Alexus Whilby Is Married to Kyle Chrisley

When Kyle was dealing with issues with his life, Alexus came like an angel. The lovebirds moved in together in 2014, and the same year, they walked down the aisle. However, there is no proper information about their relationship, like how they met and started dating.

In an interview with Radar, Kyle said he bought a 3,000 square foot house in 2017. The reality star never dreamed of having his own home. He claimed to be clean and focusing on his relationship right now. Before Alexus, her husband was in a relationship with Angela Victoria Johnson. After separation, Chrisley was addicted to drugs.

Alexus and Her Husband Make Music Together

She and Kyle formed a music group and worked on a few projects. The couple released a single on Soundcloud titled, “Country Baby.” The song was dropped in 2015 and had a total of 764 plays.

Additionally, Whilby and Chrisley have a YouTube Channel that included three songs, Shame on You and Outta Here and a remix, Country Baby. The channel was created in September 2014. It has over 471 subscribers and a total of 193,089 views.

Also, the duo has a Twitter account, “Lexi & Kyle Chrisley,” but it hasn’t been updated since 2015.

Alexus’s Husband, Kyle Chrisley Threatened to Kill Her and Her Father-in-law

Todd’s son, Kyle, was arrested by cops in Oklahoma on drug charges and allegedly threatened his wife and dad. According to TMZ, Kyle sent a message to his wife, Alexus Whilby-Chrisley, in which he wrote, “[N]ot before I end you. I’m going to the streets I will get my s**t and take care of this problem with you because If I’m not with you, nobody will be. Bye, Alexus.”

Also, the site documented she responded to his message and wrote, “that’s a treat of my life.” Later, he answered her text, saying, “yes: Lexi, it was Goodbye.” Alexus showed all the text to police that led to an open arrest warrant against him.

Also, it claimed that Todd accused Alexus of blackmail that she tried to extort his family and asked for 20k, or she would tell the press that the Chrisleys were racist.

Do They Have a Child?

The couple confirmed the news that they were expecting their first child back in the earlier. Although there is no official news of the newborn child to the date, it looks like they want to keep private.

Well, Alexus’s husband, Kyle, has a daughter from his previous relationship. Sources claimed Kyle’s ex-girlfriend; Angela Victoria Johnson gave birth to their daughter, Chloe Chrisley, in 2012.

Image of Chole is the daughter of kyle and ex-girlfriend, Angela Johnson

Caption: Chole is the daughter of kyle and ex-girlfriend, Angela Johnson

Chloe also appears on Todd’s hit reality show, “Chrisleys Know Best.” Kyle is the father of eight years old daughter. When she was one year old, Kyle lost custody after he was arrested for the aforementioned death threats. His ex-girlfriend, Angela also accused of Kyle’s abusive behavior.

Angela Johnson told Life & Style that Kyle grabbed her and choked when she was pregnant with Chloe. Now, Chloe is living with her grandparents.

Alexus’s Husband, Kyle Chrisley Tried to Killed Himself in 2019

Todd’s son, Kyle, attempted suicide that led him to the hospital in 2019. Kyle revealed in one the episodes of Chrisleys Know best that he tried to took his own life. His father even shared a family photo to Instagram and revealed that Kyle was doing great.

Image of Whilby’s husband was hospitalized after he tried to take his own life

Caption: Whilby’s husband was hospitalized after he tried to take his own life

In the past years, Kyle battled with drug addiction and also, he has an estranged relationship with his father. In 2019, Alexus’ husband announced that he is sober as well as reconciled with his father and trying to fix everything that he’s done wrong so he would able to forgive himself.

What does Alexus Whibley Do for a Living?

Alexus is a singer and even released a few singles. The other fact, she is more famous as the wife of Kyle. What’s a surprising fact is there is no accurate information on her income.

Also, Alexus hasn’t revealed the salary and net worth to the media. Some online sources claimed that she is an entrepreneur and loves home designing. It seems like she earns a good amount of money from her job. On the other hand, her husband, Kyle’s net worth, is believed to be around $500,000.

Does Alexus Whilby Have Social Media?

Well, she and her husband have a combined Twitter account. Also, Whilby has a private Instagram account.

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